Shellie Correia (Mothers against wind turbines) joins Game On host Ron Stephens for an in depth discussion about wind turbines

Shellie Correia (Mothers against wind turbines) joins Game On host Ron Stephens for an in depth discussion about wind turbines, renewable energy and sustainable development.  Join Ron and Shellie for an insightful two hours  Sunday July 5th, noon – 2pm Est.  Game On UCY.TV to listen to this show or past shows go to show archives via link above.

Suncor wind farm Ripley

Suncor wind farm Ripley

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine

Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference part 2

Ron Stephens exposes the wind farm scam as part of the plan to run people off the land and into human settlements.
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Ron Stephens ‘Why Wind Farms?’

WIND FARMS EXPOSED as a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT land grab and economic scheme based on carbon tax/credits, Wind Energy & U.N. Agenda 21 explained in a presentation by Ron Stephens at the ‘What is Truth Conference’ in Woodford, Ontario, Canada (19/12/2010)

Toronto Truth Seekers –

MORE VIDEO FOOTAGE of the Woodford Truth Conference COMING SOON…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Woodford Conference

WoodFord Conference

LOCATION: Woodford Community Hall- located in the hamlet of Woodford, Ontario Approx. halfway between Owen Sound and Meaford on Hwy 26- on the north side of the road

Everyone is invited to attend a free admission seminar on Sunday Dec 19, 2010

A series of regular gatherings designed to advance truth and fellowship


Film: 10 – 12 am “What in the world are they spraying?” A film about Geo-engineering

Noon – 1pm – Special guest speaker Rob Menard: dicusses “Common Law”

1pm – 2pm – Dan: A Christian Man from the Caledon/Bolton area discusses
“The Biblical view of Citizenship.”

2pm – 3pm Farmer George Hugh: discusses “Biometrics”

3pm – 4pm – Doug Schapira: editor of the NEW Owen Sound Free Press asks “What is Truth?”

4pm – 5pm Ron Stephens: Canada’s foremost authority on windfarms “Why Wind Farms?”

POTLUCK BUFFET- Please bring a plate of your favourite healthy food to share with others that will do the same- please avoid sugared and processed/gmo food
Any questions – please email

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Youth who research Find Truth

First video is from a young Canadian exposing Gore and Global Warming

Second video from young American exposing T Boone Pickens wind farms and politicians

Wind Turbine Madness

Wind Turbine Madness by Gogh - R J Stephens

Wind Turbine Madness by Gogh - R J Stephens

Wind turbine noise affects health

Glenn Beck, Maurice Strong and Al Gore


What’s the difference between Beck, Strong and Gore?

Nothing – they are all con artists.

I see Beck was  sporting his usual look of surprise. “Did you know about CCX”?

Yes actually, and so do most thinking people – for a long time.

Where you been Beck?

Face a simple fact Glenn, you’re a high paid media Whore. Nothing else.

Why don’t you do your next show on you.

You could come out and look surprised and then go on to explain to the public that you just discovered what we knew already. You’re a fraud, an actor, a deceiver and a traitor.

You need some jail time,  just as badly as the Crooks, Thieves and Traitors you pretend to expose.

You now pretend to expose Gore and Strong. I guess you have forgotten all the time you spent promoting wind farms and promoting T.Boon Pickens.

Good thing for you your viewers are none too bright and have a short memory.

The look on your face, when, hopefully you’re Jailed  with the rest of the slime crawling this EARTH.

The planet will do fine without your kind!

Go back to being a drug addict – you were less dangerous to the public.


Start wearing your favourite suit of clothes on your show.

Show the REAL Glenn Beck!


Network, made in 1976, warns us of what to expect in the future. The future has arrived. After the first Earth Day there was a string of films, all foretelling the NWO. In this first clip Howard Beale talks about the oil embargo/crisis – a hoax. Just like Global warming. The elites have

Al Gore and Maurice Strong – Con Artists

Understanding the Environmental Movement