Energy Poverty – Report from Parliament, October 2016

All political parties are pushing nation toward 3rd world status as they implement UN/Globalist/Corporate agendas upon the people. This must stop NOW!

To say I’m disgusted by lying politicians is an understatement. Fact is all political parties are pushing the UN/Globalist/Corporate agendas. When in power they move the UN/Globalist/Corporate agendas. When not in power they bitch and complain about the very thing they were doing while in power. For Gallant to bitch about the Liberals is akin to her bitching about her own party. Conservative PM Brian Mulroney is the one who signed on to UN Agenda 21. I ran in the 2007 Ont. Provincial election as an Independent candidate (a real eye opener.) John Tory, leader of the Ont. Conservative party at the time, now mayor of Toronto, stated clearly in his policy platform. If elected the Conservatives will install more wind turbines than the Liberals.

Energy Poverty Means Pre-Paying – Report from Parliament, October 2016

From the office of Cheryl Gallant, Conservative MP

Federal Agency Measurement Canada is preparing to finalize approval for “pre-pay” hydro meters. This was only a matter of time since the province installed so-called “smart meters” in people’s homes.

To picture a pre-payment electricity meter, just think of a parking meter that you load with money in order to park a vehicle. These are popular in third-world countries, particularly where poor people have no access to credit. They enable the power utilities to deny access to a basic necessity without actually having to pull the plug if customers have trouble with bills. It forces the poor household to self-disconnect.

Energy poverty, defined as households that spend more than 10 percent of their income on home energy, affects about one million households in Canada. In Ontario, the lowest income group spends on average 12 or more percent of their income on utilities, while the average Ontarian spends only 4 per cent.

Energy poverty is prevalent among certain types of households, including those with single residents, seniors, children or young adults, renters, and those with a female primary bill-payer. Low-income families and individuals are being forced to choose between heating their homes, buying groceries or paying the rent as the result of increasing utility prices. For many, it is literally a choice between eating and heating.

Canadians still have an opportunity to withhold their “implied consent” to poverty meters. While the federal government has set a January 1st 2017 implementation date for its new policy, you are invited to provide me your thoughts on pre-payment electricity meters. Remember, ‘no comment’ is considered by this government to be a “yes.”

The federal government deadline for submissions is October 30, 2016.

Energy Poverty Means Pre-Paying – Report from Parliament, October 2016



Trudeau’s national carbon tax a model that should be ‘widely copied’ around the world

It isn’t Trudeau’s carbon tax. The PMuppet is implementing the UN/Globalist/Corporate agendas. This is WW3, a Spiritual/Psychological war. Global warming/Climate change, Renewable energy, Vaccines, GMO’s, Migration, Multiculturalism, High-density housing, LRT etc. are all mechanisms being used to gain control of populations and resources. The ENEMY is inside the Gates. The Genocide of the West is underway….Time to Stand Up! Trudeau is a feminist man-child with psychopathic/sociopathic  traits.  Or in layman’s terms “An Amoral Treasonous SOB” Trudeau, John McCallum (Minister of Genocide) John McKay PC, May, Green party, Layton, NDP (deceased) Suzuki and many other politicians and others are members of the UNPA (hit link for list) pushing for Global gov. via the UN. The sad part is the media is up to their sorry asses in pushing the Propaganda.

Bloomberg: Trudeau’s national carbon tax a model that should be ‘widely copied’ around the world

The Editors, Bloomberg News | October 10, 2016 11:47 AM ET
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during the Paris Agreement on climate change ceremony, Friday, April 22, 2016 at U.N. headquarters.

Mary Altaffer / Associated PressCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during the Paris Agreement on climate change ceremony, Friday, April 22, 2016 at U.N. headquarters.

John McCallum, Minister of Genocide

Canada to welcome up to 305,000 newcomers this year, McCallum says

Canada’s immigration levels will increase in 2016 — with the biggest rise in family reunification and refugee categories.

Immigration Minister John McCallum, pictured in December, announced the federal government's 2016 immigration targets on Tuesday.

Canadians anxious but ill-informed about genetically engineered food

People are rightly anxious about GMO’s, and they are ill-informed about them says the headline. People are ill-informed on purpose, both by “gov.” and “science.”

There are 34 million people living here and there is no reason anyone should be eating adulterated food.  It is a well known fact “gov.” lies all the time. History proves it. Same as “science.” Remember all the times “science” told us natural food was bad for us. Butter is bad, eat margarine, Eggs are bad, eat egg alternatives etc., only years later to admit they were wrong. The “common” people are told to trust “science and gov.” without question. There is the problem in a nutshell. To trust “science and gov.” without question and not hold their feet to the fire is something only a fool would do. Don’t be a Fool, don’t let “gov. and science” use you’re body as something to be experimented with. Let explosive rates of Cancer and other illnesses be a warning to you.

Canadians anxious but ill-informed about genetically engineered food

Consumers call for clear, mandatory labels, but are unclear themselves on what a GM food is

By Kathleen Harris, CBC News Posted: Oct 09, 2016 5:00 AM ETLast Updated: Oct 09, 2016 11:55 AM ET

A comparison shows the faster growth and size of a genetically modified salmon. Newly released research finds Canadians want mandatory labels for GM foods.

A comparison shows the faster growth and size of a genetically modified salmon. Newly released research finds Canadians want mandatory labels for GM foods. (AquaBounty)

RCMP apologizes as part of landmark settlement of harassment suit

We’ve been led to believe bullying and assault are crimes. Yet, decades of bullying and assault by police brings a massive tax-payer payout to those who were harmed instead of charges against those who caused the harm. But then, the police, politicians, judges etc. all take an oath to the Queen/Crown/Corporation….not the people. The stench of corruption has the same offensive odor as does Tyranny. Sad part is, the media knows and understands how the Scam/Game is played…but never bothers to explain it to the people. But then why would they, they are part of the Corporate Scam themselves.

RCMP apologizes as part of landmark settlement of harassment suit

Tens of millions of dollars will likely eventually be distributed among hundreds of women who have put forward claims of harassment, bullying and assault.

The widespread harassment claims, filed by hundreds of women, have haunted the tenure of RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson.

OTTAWA—RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson delivered an abject apology Thursday to hundreds of current and former female officers and employees who were subjected to alleged incidents of bullying, discrimination and harassment dating back 42 years.

Paulson made the apology as he announced a $100 million settlement of two class-action lawsuits stemming from the harassment allegations, some of which date back to September 1974.

“To all the women, I stand humbly before you today and solemnly offer our sincere apology,” an emotional Paulson told a news conference in Ottawa.

“You came to the RCMP wanting to personally contribute to your community and we failed you. We hurt you. For that, I am truly sorry.”

Paulson said the settlements would provide financial compensation for the women and pave the way to end potential class-action lawsuits brought forward by former RCMP members Janet Merlo and Linda Gillis Davidson.

He said the government has provided a total of $100 million to cover the cost of payouts.

Paulson was joined at the news conference by the plaintiffs, as well as Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Labour Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk.

“The impact this has had on those who have experienced this shameful conduct cannot — must not — be solely understood as an adverse workplace condition for which they must be compensated,” Paulson said.

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MPs vote 207 to 81 to back Paris climate change agreement

More proof the “elected” are nothing more than UN/Globalist/Corporate puppets. Global warming/climate change is one of many mechanisms used to implement UN Global gov. and destroy nation states. The UN and their Globalist/Corporate partners need “global problems” that can only be solved at the global level. They make them up as needed, Simple as that. Trudeau, Suzuki, May, Layton (deceased) Senators and many others are members of the UNPA pushing for a UN Global parliament. The “elected” are part of an international crime syndicate  known to most as the UN, which CANADA is a member state of.  The “elected” need to be held accountable for their actions against the peoples of these lands. CBC is well aware of the Scam and is a facilitator of it via their media outlets as are the other major media.