Sad State of Public Education in Canada

My guest is Karyn Draper of Calgary Alberta. Karyn is a mother, who’s child will be entering the public school system. She is rightfully concerned about what is being taught, who creates the curriculum and why. Karyn offers many insights and solutions for correcting the public school system and the politics of Canada.

Brazil-owned firm takes control of XL Foods plant Is An Inside Job!


Media and government are spinning the Brazilian takeover of  XL Foods in Brooks Alberta as a good deal for Canada. Think about that for a moment.

I’ll explain why it’s an inside job…on the road to complete destruction of Canada…later today. In the meantime, think about the connection to Globalism, Agenda 21, Interdependence, Our Common Future etc.

Sierra Club vs Ethical Oil: A Response to CBC Showdown

John Conner does a great job of exposing the scam.
CBC plays host to Sierra Club vs Ethical Oil: During the “debate” CBC gives the impression there are two unique sides in the argument. Both sides are the same side and CBC knows it. This is about conning people into accepting Agenda 21 and UN world gov.

Wind turbine noise – Suncor wind farm Ripley


Now that the Ontario Municipal Elections are over and it appears most Rural Municipalities have their “Green Teams” in place for the final take-down of Rural Ontario,  it seems  like a good time to re-post this video which now has over 30.000 views.

Expect to see many more turbines dotting the Rural landscape in the days ahead.


Environmental Movement in Canada


As guest host of “A View from inside Canada” I had the privilege of having Mr. Kay as a guest. His research is a must read for all Canadians.

His latest article is a who’s who of Environmentalism in Alberta.  While his article focuses on Alberta, understand this Environmental web exists in every Province and Municipality in Canada.

For those fighting wind farms, be sure to pay attention to connections between govt., and Pembina Institute.  Robert Hornung, president of CanWEA, headed  Pembina Institute for  years.

The wind industry, govt. and funding agencies are all intertwined.

Therefore. if you live in Ont. and you want change, become a candidate for your local council this Oct. To date I have convinced several people to run, but Rural Ont. needs your commitment as well, if we hope to exact any positive change.

Have any questions please feel free to contact me.

The Environmental Movement in Alberta

By William Walter Kay

Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is owned by the Ontario Government. In 2008 OTF gave out $100 million in grants. One OTF objective is to “sustain and promote a greener economy.” At its 25th anniversary (2007) OTF bragged of being the top funder of Ontario ENGOs. Then OTF created its Future Fund (sub-titled: Building Skills for the Green Economy) to disburse an additional $2 million a year toward developing green skills, especially among aboriginals. While OTF’s focus is Ontario, it funds national ENGOs like Nature Conservancy Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, and Canadian Nature Federation. CPAWS, an ENGO highly active in Alberta, received $247,000 from OTF in 2008. (OTF’s master plan is to unite Ontario NGOs, not just ENGOs, into a political force. OTF claims the non-profit sector employs 15% of Ontario’s labour force and has revenues of $47 billion.) (40)

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