Do you think Chemtrails are made up nonsense?

First video shot on July 4th

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Call them Chemtrails or Geo-engineering, your choice. Regardless of  the terminology used, one indisputable fact remains. Someone is spraying us.

Videos shot in and around the town of Kincardine Ontario over the last few years. (we still take video, but after so many, what’s the point)

The first video is actually the second video made. Hopefully it gives you pause to ask some questions.

Yes Johnny, MMGW is a fraud. The wind turbines are a fraud. Their purpose is to save us from the first fraud……… MMGW. Why the Chemtrails? I’ll let you figure that out yourself.


Celebrate Canada – Happy Canada Day!

Only if your Brain Dead or Heavily Medicated

International criminals shut down Northern Ont. with G8 and Toronto with the G20 – Be Happy Canada!

  • Even though we are the richest nation because of our Natural Resources, we produce nothing – be Happy Canada!
  • The media all lies all the time – Be Happy Canada!

O Canada! Who stands of guard for thee!

Certainly not the politicians – how about you?

Be proud of your country

Wake up Canada!

Lied to since you were born

Suzuki comes clean on green

Enjoy your Tims!

G20 Protest in Toronto


A handful of  “World Leaders” (very wealthy criminals) show  the people of Canada they have the power to waste as much of our money as they want and close down Canada’s biggest city, Toronto.


Because they can!

But only because we allow them to.

Kick the evil from our shores, or pay the price………………..Forever!

Did you drink a Tim Hortons coffee  while protesting or watching the theatre on you big screen TV?

Watch the video

How does that coffee taste now?

Celebrate Canada Day

While you still can!

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Celebrate Canada Day

Celebrate Canada while it still Exists

Celebrate Canada While it Still Exists

Happy Canada Day!

Over the years the Lberals, Conservatives and the NDP have done everything in their power to undermine this Great Land.

Support for the NAU and SPP and the signing of international agreements with the UN have worked to weaken our sovereignty.

The time has come for every Canadian to roll up their sleeves and get to work, unless of course you no longer believe in your country. If that is the case, please leave.

Prime Minister Harper officially endorses North American Union!

(Signed by Paul Martin)

Ontario becomes a Fascist State

Canadian Federal Election -2008