MPs vote 207 to 81 to back Paris climate change agreement

More proof the “elected” are nothing more than UN/Globalist/Corporate puppets. Global warming/climate change is one of many mechanisms used to implement UN Global gov. and destroy nation states. The UN and their Globalist/Corporate partners need “global problems” that can only be solved at the global level. They make them up as needed, Simple as that. Trudeau, Suzuki, May, Layton (deceased) Senators and many others are members of the UNPA pushing for a UN Global parliament. The “elected” are part of an international crime syndicate  known to most as the UN, which CANADA is a member state of.  The “elected” need to be held accountable for their actions against the peoples of these lands. CBC is well aware of the Scam and is a facilitator of it via their media outlets as are the other major media.

The Cannes Debate With Al Gore

The full interview is available here…streamed live, June 26th, 2015…
Watch the full interview and then may all 7 billion give it a thumbs down to show the evil ones of the world we won’t give them what they want.

WWF hopes to find $60 billion growing on trees

WWF hopes to find $60 billion growing on trees

The carbon credits scheme would make WWF and its partners much richer, but with no lowering of overall CO2 emissions, writes Christopher Booker .

If the world’s largest, richest environmental campaigning group, the WWF – formerly the World Wildlife Fund – announced that it was playing a leading role in a scheme to preserve an area of the Amazon rainforest twice the size of Switzerland, many people might applaud, thinking this was just the kind of cause the WWF was set up to promote. Amazonia has long been near the top of the list of the world’s environmental cconcerns, not just because it includes easily the largest and most bio-diverse area of rainforest on the planet, but because its billions of trees contain the world’s largest land-based store of CO2 – so any serious threat to the forest can be portrayed as a major contributor to global warming.

If it then emerged, however, that a hidden agenda of the scheme to preserve this chunk of the forest was to allow the WWF and its partners to share the selling of carbon credits worth $60 billion, to enable firms in the industrial world to carry on emitting CO2 just as before, more than a few eyebrows might be raised. The idea is that credits representing the CO2 locked into this particular area of jungle – so remote that it is not under any threat – should be sold on the international market, allowing thousands of companies in the developed world to buy their way out of having to restrict their carbon emissions. The net effect would simply be to make the WWF and its partners much richer while making no contribution to lowering overall CO2 emissions.

Full story at the Telegraph

RETHINK CLIMATE POLICY! Open letter to the EU President


It’s fitting that this petition comes to us as the “Stockholm Initiative”.  It was 1972 that the first UN Earth Conference took place. The aim then, as it is today, is  World Govt. and Depopulation under the guise of environmental concern. The UN and it’s environmental  programs will give untold power to unelected bodies and force the vast majority of humanity into lives of serfdom.

Please sign the petition and pass it on.


RETHINK CLIMATE POLICY! Open letter to the EU President, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt


Proceed as follows:
Go to the page “Text” and read it. Preferably, also look through “References” where all sources that we refer to in the text are accounted for. If you agree and want to sign the petition, go to “Sign up” and fill in and send the form. You are not alone, tens of thousands of people have made themselves heard through similar petitions before. You find these under “Earlier petitions“.

As we get signers for the petition, they will be published under “Signers“. The petition will be delivered to the President of the EU before COP15, the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on Dec 7-Dec 18. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect to be able to influence the outcome of this event. However, through the petition we can unite and create an opinion against the current climate policy and in the long term make politicians change their course.

The ambition of the Stockholm Initiative is to promote rational climate-, energy-, and environment policies based on what we know rather than on what we don’t know. If you think this is worth your support, go to “Support us“, become a member and/or make a donation.

Finally, please forward our petition and request for signers to anybody you think would be interested!

Thank you for your support!

Göran Ahlgren   Jonny Fagerström   Maggie Thauersköld    Per Welander

Attachment(s) from Hans Jelbring

1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment Part 1

(same bull – different decade)

Maurice Strong turns 80

Happy Birthday Maurice!

No one has done more to undermine the sovereignty of Canada than You!


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