The Debate is Over! Global Waming Fraud Exposed

al gore climate change

The first known video promoting the scam of “Man made global warming”  showing how they demonized the life gas CO2 and make man earth’s enemy in the process…. is from 1958!

Environment was the chosen mechanism to bring about global gov. “They” needed a global problem that required a global solution… Enjoy some early Al Gore type hype from 1958 in this video.

According to the Club of Rome: “The common enemy of humanity is man. “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.

“we came up with the idea “

Not based on any facts! They just came up with the idea.  What is the Club of Rome? A think tank created by men and women who want a global communist system that they control.  Who are these people? Here is a list of present and notable members from the Green Agenda (highly recommended you spend so time on this site) Members include David Rockefeller, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev, Kofi Annan, Maurice Strong, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Tony Blair, Robert Muller, The Dalai Lama, Hassan bin Talal, Javier Solana, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Gro Harlem Bruntland, Garret Hardin, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife Queen Sophia, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Philippe of Belgium, and about 80 other wealthy elites, new age cultists, former and current U.N. figures, and political figures.

First earth day 1970

Stockholm 1972 – United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The (false) oil crisis of 1973-1974

United Nations Conference on Human Settlements was held at Vancouver from 31 May to 11 June 1976

Our Common Future 1987

Rio Earth Summit 1992 which brought the world Agenda 21

The fraud and deception started long ago and is being implemented by ever level and faction of gov. including UN NGO’s

The fraud is well documented and the peoples of the world need to take action. Not to save us from “climate change” but the people who “came up with the idea.  They cause the environmental crisis, the wars, famines, depressions etc.  They are the enemy, not you and I

Now for some truth about climate Change.

The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson shows the effects of the ocean cycles.  Those who constructed the MMGW fraud knew when the natural ocean and sun cycles would produce the most natural warming. They used this information for the basis of the fraud. Those natural cycles are now moving into the cooling cycle.

The global warming lie is used to bring about UN corporate world gov. by the same people who created the UN, Israel, Wars, Depressions, Famines etc. Their disturbing visions are laid out in Agenda 21.

As the global warming fraudsters like to say “the debate is over.”

I agree, the debate is over and the fraud exposed!

Check and Mate!

– We have now entered the cooling cycle.

Elected officials (who represent the corporation, not the voters), teachers, preachers, media, health etc.  (bow to their corporate masters) and law enforcement (Policy enforcers of the corporation)  are  the useful idiots used to spread the propaganda and implement “their” evil plan.

Some know what they are doing …  most don’t. It is our job to inform all of them and insist they STOP immediately! They’re involved in fraud, conspiracy to commit,  genocide and breach of trust.

Ontario Liberal Leadership Race Between Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne

Canada Live November 4th 2012

On this edition we discuss many topics of concern to Canadians. Harper and the China trade agreement, David Suzuki, Global Warming, International Soil Day and the Ontario Liberal Leadership Race Between Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne. Our discussion on the Liberal leadership race begins at the 30 minute mark of the show.

A case of high treason as Stephen Harper and Paul Martin declare a loss of Canadian sovereignty

Justin Trudeau – just another Globalist minion

Canada Live Sept 30 2012

The Green Police shut down Toronto community garden, Canada and U.S. Department of Homeland Security launch project to strengthen border security , Woman gets $81 ticket for parking car with windows down in BC , Justin Trudeau – just another Globalist minion , Canada’s debt and deficit , Environmental Extremism Extravaganza and the Cheese Mafia?
tune in live Sundays 1-3 pm est at
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Justin Trudeau wants a World Parliament

Justin Trudeau is a member of the UNPA (united nations parliamentary assembly) which if implemented, will supersede  Canadian parliament and sovereignty. Many members of parliament and the Senate are members.  David Suzuki and Maude Barlow are members. In the old days it was Treason and the solution was usually a rope.

Here is a short list of Traitors which will verify what I’m saying. (this is just one group, there are many more with the same agenda operating within our Borders. We must expose them as the Traitors they are.

Property-Assessed Payments for Energy Retrofits: Recommendations for Regulatory Change and Optimal Program Features

This report was made possible by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
The author extends appreciation to the staff of the David Suzuki Foundation for their contributions, guidance and dedicated support of this work.


David Suzuki is a UN/Globalist minion who wants destroy your property rights among other things. Maurice Strong, a high-ranking globalist UN criminal is an honorary board member of the Suzuki foundation.

The UN Conference on Human Settlements held in 1976 in Vancouver was extremely clear about property rights. The Preamble says:

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable….”

You think your cost of electricity is high now? Mr. Suzuki and friends don’t think so. As UN/Globalist minions, they are more than happy to follow UN directives in the continued effort to destroy your right of property, your life and your Country.

From the Document –

Ratcheting-up of Building and Appliance/Equipment Energy-Efficiency Standards
The timed ratcheting-up of building and appliance performance standards “so that the current best in class become minimum requirements in a few years”, as noted by Ashok Gupta of the Natural Resources Defense Council,112 would encourage greater energy efficiency on an ongoing basis. Ontario’s Building Code incorporates both energy and water conservation measures. Code authorities also could consider regulating plug loads.

Download and read the document

Same document available at the UN 

You may wish to contact Suzuki and ask him some hard questions –

David Suzuki Foundation
2211 West 4th Avenue, Suite 219
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6K 4S2
Tel 604.732.4228
Fax 604.732.0752

Read the petition sent to the Federal Auditor General written by the same anti-Canadian globalist trash

Canada Live Exposes Rio+20, David Suzuki, Al Gore’s Global Marshall Plan And More

Child Abusers

Environmental Con Men

Gore and Suzuki – Child Abusers?

Why Our Winters Are Getting Warmer…it’s not because of You or CO2

David Suzuki Worries About Santa Clause


This is rich – David Suzuki worried about Santa Clause.

David Suzuki worried about Santa Clause
Suzuki comes clean on green

Suzuki doesn’t care about Santa or Christmas. Suzuki is  an atheist, who worships the earth, hates the human race and would be happy if the “naked ape” just disappeared from the face of the planet, although he seems in no hurry to leave.

David Suzuki is a sick man who suffers from a deep psychosis.

Maybe this Christmas bloggers should set up a “David Suzuki needs help fund.”  With luck, we could raise enough cash to afford Suzuki a padded room and 24 hr. care.

Suzuki abuses children by trying to convince them that his fantasies are reality based. They’re not!

David Suzuki is a danger to children and a fraud.

Some people wish for peace on earth at Christmas.

My wish is that Suzuki be barred from having any contact with children.

My second wish,  Suzuki agree to debate me in a public forum.

Merry Christmas!

Child abuse is the blanket term to describe four types of child mistreatment: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. In many cases children are the victims of more than one type of abuse. The abusers can be parents or other family members, caretakers such as teachers and babysitters, acquaintances (including other children), and (in rare instances) strangers.


Child Abusers
Two of the better known child abusers

For over three years this blog has done it’s best to expose the fraud of MMGW. One of the main tools used to spread this fraud has been children.

Through lies and deception,  men like David Suzuki and Al Gore have been abusing your child for years.

Most authority figures your child comes in contact with, especially teachers and church leaders, are guilty of abusing your child through lies and deception.

Lets not forget the media and politicians who are equally guilty of these abuses.

In fact, any person  or organization that is involved in the promotion of MMGW is guilty of child abuse.

Read “Cloak of Green” and the “Green Agenda” found on the top bar of this blog to get a better understanding of the abuse and abusers.

Make no mistake – your children are being abused in a most heinous manner by the very authorities you entrust them to.


Suzuki had a different answer. By the time someone has reached university age, he said, they’ve been so corrupted, they’ve got so much invested in the system, that there’s really not much hope they can change. That’s why, he said, I’m focusing most of my efforts now on children. For them I think there’s hope.

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The worst kind of ugly climate propaganda: David Suzuki targets kids at Christmas in the name of climate change

Here’s the popup message solicitation you get when you visit the website for the first time:

Climate change is melting the North Pole and it’s no longer safe for Santa and his Workshop. So our dear old friend is packing up the sleigh to find somewhere else to live.

You can help! Move your mouse over this website to find gifts you can buy Santa to help him set up a temporary Workshop and protect the North Pole for his return.

Of course, you’re savvy enough to know we won’t be sending actual gifts to Santa. You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your purchase and proceeds will be used by the David Suzuki Foundation to support our critical work to protect nature and the environment from threats like climate change.

Buying these green gifts and personalized ecards on behalf of hard-to-buy-for friends or relatives on your holiday list is a great way to show you’re thinking of them — and the planet!

Act now to help Santa!

Sincere thanks,
The David Suzuki Foundation

For more on MMGW/Climate Change visit Watts Up With That

Elizabeth May Wins Canada’s First Green Seat

Elizabeth May at the Green Party of Canada lea...

Image via Wikipedia


I don’t normally post emails I receive, but people need to understand what and who are undermining our country. Canadians are so fed-up with their representatives they choose  new ones. I can understand that….but what did you choose as a replacement?


Glad to hear you got rid of Lunn……..but don’t get too excited by the replacement you chose. The Green party is pushing for a World Parliament that will, when given the power, supersede our national govt. Not something anyone should support……not if you believe in Canada.
I encourage everyone to take a serious look at this site and ask why  members of govt., including Elizabeth May, are members of  the UNPA. David Suzuki and Maude Barlow are also members as are many senators. If someone would like to explain to me how this is not High-Treason……I’m all ears.
In both the twitter link and the facebook wall you will notice the World Federalists praising the hard work of Allan Blakeney, who is being recognized as not only a very successful Premier of the province of Saskatchewan, but also one of Canada’s great nation-builders, was also a long-time member of the World Federalist Movement – Canada. He served as the organization’s National President from.

There is only one way stop the loss of our rights and freedoms, land and water theft and retain the sovereignty of Canada——kick the damn UN out!

Post election predictions

Canadian Involvement in World Parliament

direct link to (this is just one group, there are many more with the same agenda operating within our Borders. We must expose them as the Traitors they are.)
The World Federalist Movement – Canada has surveyed five major Canadian political parties on foreign policy…

Good morning Elizabeth.
I told you on Sunday you could do it.
However I heard that you thanked CFAX and the local media for their part in this victory. I was working so did not hear it myself.
This is like thanking the makers of the Titanic for building such an unsinkable ship.
The media have treated you as a novelty and would have been just as happy to dance on your grave, so to speak, in the event that you had lost.
The reason you won, plain and simple is that the people of SGI have been looking for a way to rid themselves of Lunn for years, and you were that way. 
Hard work- yes, long campaign- yes, presence in the riding – yes,  name recognition – yes, Green leader in a green riding – yes,  independent and small paper support – yes, but main stream media support – NO.
CFAX has been and will contiue to be a corporate toadie, walking hand in hand with the CPC and Chamber of Commerce concept of corporate government, and now you may well find it much more difficult to get their attention.
I wish you luck in that anyway as you are just stubborn enough to try and force their hand. 
Do not try to talk to Joe Easingwood about Chem trails though , he will just cut you off as he does everyone else.
In the next election I will be 75 but don’t count me out in challenging you then.
Enough, enjoy your victory and thank you for helping us get rid of Lunn, who I assume will be a senator in a week or so.
Have fun in Ottawa.


Elizabeth May Green Party Leader Calls Canadians Stupid