The Cannes Debate With Al Gore

The full interview is available here...streamed live, June 26th, 2015 Watch the full interview and then may all 7 billion give it a thumbs down to show the evil ones of the world we won't give them what they want.

Overpopulation Myth Buster

A  set of 15 questions to test your knowledge of population facts. Click on the pic to go to the game. Have fun and be sure to send to your friends so they can test their knowledge. Overpopulation like MMGW is a propagandized fraud designed to con you into giving up your rights and the … Continue reading Overpopulation Myth Buster

Victoria Serda for Mayor of Saugeen Shores

Editor: Thought it was a good time to re-post this video as it has 666 views on you tube and Serda is running for Mayor of Saugeen Shores.......Agenda 21 for all! Bill Ryerson – Global Population Speakout

Bill Ryerson – Global Population Speakout

Victoria Serda wrote: Best ways to address population overgrowth: Education of women, better health care & relief of poverty, all of which have been proven to slow and eventually reverse population growth, as well as being ethically and socially acceptable in any case. Genocide should never be tolerated. Victoria . And if that doesn't work? … Continue reading Bill Ryerson – Global Population Speakout

Slavery by Consent

Editor Interesting video - you are owned from the cradle to the grave. You are a "corporate person" not a human being. You are collateral used by govt. to borrow funds from the bankers. Once you come to grips with this concept - it is rather easy to understand the elites will have no problem … Continue reading Slavery by Consent

Bill Gates – Does He Want You Dead?

Make up your own mind! Consider - the environmental movement is a front for Eugenics Consider - Although the numbers vary, population reduction of 80% is the average target. (Ted Turner would like to see 95% of the population eliminated) Consider - The Gates Foundation and the Doomsday Seed Vault Consider - C02 is exhaled … Continue reading Bill Gates – Does He Want You Dead?