Michael Schmidt Placed on Probation and Fined for Raw Milk


Michael Schmidt, raw milk advocate, sentenced today at the Ontario Provincial Court in Newmarket.

His sentence, one year probation and a fine of $9,150.00. I’m not sure what the terms of his probation are at this time, nor can I see any justification for the fine or the amount. Surely this “raw milk” fiasco has cost the taxpayer millions over the years. To what end or benefit has not been made clear either by the gov. or the court.

Mr. Schmidt has endured years of harassment by the Ontario gov., including a raid on his farm in 2006 by armed agents.

This is not about “harm” because there wasn’t any. No, this is about control of your property, “your body” of which the gov seems to think it owns. It does not. The gov does not have authority to decide what you ingest.

Therefore, Michael Schmidt’s “raw milk” campaign is not so much about whether “raw milk products” are safe, but about your rights as a private person.

I hope everyone continues their support of Michael and his work and in the end, may the people of Ontario and Canada learn from Michael’s example.

If you don’t stand for what’s right – you stand for nothing.

A sad legacy to pass to your children and grandchildren, indeed.

Michael Schmidt, “Raw Milk Advocate”

Canada Live welcomes Michael Schmidt, “Raw Milk Advocate” He joins us this evening to discuss his work. Michael has worked tirelessly in his continued effort to have the Gov. of Ontario recognize “unpasteurized” milk products as an… more

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Uses for the UN Flag

If you or someone you know works for, supports or promotes the goals of the United Nations, it is a direct attack against Canada. The Goal of the UN is the formation of a World Government. This will require the loss of our sovereignty. I urge you to research their plans for our country and the world. It is time we all understood the threat posed by the UN and their numerous organizations. Canada cannot survive until we are rid of the United Nations.

Oh Canada!

We stand on guard for thee.

Uses for the UN Flag
Help make Canada a UN free Zone!

UN blue beach flag flying at Station Beach Kincardine Ontario

With the help of friends on the Internet we’ve compiled the following possible uses for the UN flag:

Air-sickness bags (put the UN logo inside the bag – no point in making people sick just by seeing the bag)

  • Artillery reference point – to fire at for effect
  • Bath towel – to wipe certain body parts
  • Bird cage liner
  • Burn at patriotic rallies
  • Candle/lamp wicks
  • Cat bed liner – to keep the fleas off your good blankie
  • Cat box liner
  • Cat litter
  • Cat scratching post – to wrap around the post and let your cat get its claws into – good kitty!!!
  • Chainsaw wipe down rag
  • Chimney sweep rag
  • Chimney sweep tarp – to protect your carpet from soot
  • Compost
  • Corpse blanket—to wrap up the dead politicians, BATF, FBI, FEMA, etc., or anyone else who tries to collect our guns.
  • Dart board backdrop
  • Diapers – turned out, not in
  • Dipstick rag carried under the hood of your vehicle
  • Dog urine wheel protectors
  • Doggy chastity belt
  • Doggy chew toy
  • Dog poop cleaner upper
  • Doormats – to wipe muddy feet on, at home or place of business
  • Dryer vent filter/lint catcher
  • Drop cloth – to use while you are painting and other dirty jobs
  • Dust rag
  • Emergency heating fuel – burn in fireplace
  • Feminine napkins
  • Fill material in nuclear waste shipping containers
  • Filler material in roofing shingles
  • Fire starter – soak in kerosene
  • Food – to cram down the throats of crooked politicians, lawyers, and judges
  • Food wrapper – to wrap spoiled food in; especially good for rotten fish parts
  • Garage – if your car has oil leaks, you should have one under it to keep garage clean
  • Garbage can liner
  • Goat feed – to feed your goats – except your favorite one, of course
  • Gun cleaning rags, sold at gun shows
  • Gutter rag
  • Handkerchief – use to blow your nose on
  • Hang one out the bottom of your driver’s door, into the street, dragging through  the mud as an excellent way to initiate a UN conversation
  • Ink blotter
  • Insoles
  • Kitchen towel – to clean up all the grease and grime & keep your other towels clean
  • Molotov cocktails
  • Mops
  • Mud flaps
  • Nuclear waste filler – put in nuclear waste containers
  • On the floor under junior’s height chair for food droppings
  • Outhouse wallpaper – tack up on the outhouse walls (could be used for TP later)
  • Outhouse wipes (use with caution, may cause rash)
  • Overalls – put them on the butt of your bib overalls
  • Paint brush cleaning rag – to clean up all your old paint brushes with
  • Paint filter – use to strain your old paint with
  • Panty hose laundry bag – tie up your panty hose in them when you wash them
  • Print them on rolls of toilet paper
  • Puppy house-training – Scotchgard coated for repeated use
  • Put it in a jar of urine and call it art
  • Road patch – place flag in pothole, pour tar generously, pack down
  • Suppositories – for Bill and Hillary to use
  • Send to drug king pins (or CIA) for wrapping illegal drugs
  • Shoe polish rag
  • Shop rags
  • Table cloth – for when your one-year old grandchild is coming over
  • Targets – add numbers to the lines of latitude and you’ve got an excellent range target
  • Temporary gas cap
  • Test acids on
  • Toilet seat liner – drape over the toilet seat for sanitation reasons; flush after use
  • Trench liner – to line slit trenches with
  • Under grandpa’s spittoon
  • Vomit bucket, when you have stomach flu
  • Wrap spoiled food in, for disposal
  • Uses for the UN Flag

End of Property Rights in Australia and the rest of the Free World


Time for the sheep to bite back

This is a much watch 4 part series from Australia which documents the changes to their constitution. This is happening everywhere.  Agenda 21 is the driver for the NWO and sustainability. The goal……end of property rights and with it the end of all rights..for without the right to property,  you are property. It is time for all citizens  in the West,  regardless of country,  to rise up and put a stop to the NWO takeover of our rights and countries. Freedom or Tyranny…….it’s up to us to take back what is ours.

Freedom and The Nations Fate by Saga

Celebrate Canada while it still Exists

A couple of songs by Saga to remind us all that we are losing our rights and our Nation at a frightening pace.

The freedoms you enjoyed in Canada will not be there for your children and grandchildren if you remain asleep.  You have a duty to them and your country.

Turn off the damn TV!






The Nations Fate