Christians Outraged by Glenn Beck


As much as I detest people like Glenn Beck, I guess I owe him a ‘thank you’ for getting the attention of Christians.

My first question is – Why are Christians watching Glenn “media whore” Beck in the first place?

As much as I dislike Beck and everything he stands for, he is absolutely correct in this instance. (wouldn’t consider wasting a moment watching his drivel)

WHY did he say what he said?

Beck works for those who wish to destroy America, Freedom and the Christian faith.

He was taking the pulse of the Christian community to see where they stand and if they are committed to destroying America, Freedom and the Christian Faith. Well, if you are a misinformed Christian, you passed the test with flying colours – congratulations.

You have been conned into following the wishes of the NWO, which is about as anti-Christian as you can get.

At top of this blog you will find a link to the Green Agenda. Read it and understand it.

Freedom 21 Santa Cruz is the last video on the sidebar. Watch it and understand it.

Then, run, don’t walk, from your place of worship.

Those who wish to rule the world want a One World Religion – it’s not Christianity folks.


Outraged by Glenn Beck’s Salvo, Christians Fire Back

New York Times

Glenn Beck urged Christians to leave churches that used what he called code words for Communism and Nazism. This week the remarks prompted outrage from several Christian bloggers. The Rev. Jim Wallis , who leads the liberal Christian antipoverty group Sojourners, in Washington, called on Christians to leave Glenn Beck. “What he has said attacks the very heart of our Christian faith, and Christians should no longer watch his show,” Mr. Wallis wrote on his blog, God’s…

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Christians Boycott Beck for Church Bashing
For Glenn Beck, it may have just been business as usual when he compared “social justice” to Communism and Nazism

Christians Urged to Boycott Glenn Beck


4:51 p.m. | Updated Last week, the conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck called on Christians to leave their churches if they heard any preaching about social or economic justice because, he claimed, those were slogans affiliated with Nazism and Communism.

This week, the Rev. Jim Wallis, a liberal evangelical leader in Washington, D.C., called on Christians to leave Glenn Beck.

“What he has said attacks the very heart of our Christian faith, and Christians should no longer watch his show,” Mr. Wallis, who heads the antipoverty group Sojourners, wrote on his “God’s Politics” blog. “His show should now be in the same category as Howard Stern.”

Mr. Beck, in vilifying churches that promote “social justice,” managed to insult just about every mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, African-American, Hispanic and Asian congregation in the country — not to mention plenty of evangelical ones.

New York Times

(Newser) – For Glenn Beck, it may have just been business as usual when he compared “social justice” to Communism and Nazism last week and told parishioners to leave churches that espouse the doctrine, but the comments irked one leader enough for him to call for a boycott by all Christians. Rev. Jim Wallis heads Sojourners, a Christian antipoverty group. Whatever Beck’s reasons, he writes on his blog, “what he has said attacks the very heart of our Christian faith, and Christians should no longer watch his show.”

Christians Outraged: Say They Will Turn Off Glenn Beck

Conservative television pundit Glenn Beck made a call to Christians in his broadcast last week,  to leave their churches if they were preaching about social and economic justice,  which,  he explained in an attempt to enlighten the ignorant,  are merely fascist code words.

Beck’s remarks prompted outrage from several Christian bloggers.  One Christian minister made a call to Christians to leave Glenn Beck,  and said it is likely his show now ranks with the likes of Howard Stern.

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David Suzuki and the CBC


Suzuki gets caught abusing children at CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corporation). Maybe they could change the name to the CEC

(Canadian Eugenics  Corporation) – much closer to the truth.

David Suzuki communist

David Suzuki - Canadian Traitor

Will Suzuki come clean on Green?


Story by Prosperous Individual

CBC Radio Employs Child Abuser as Friday Host

Make no mistake; even though this article reflects my personal opinion only, standing in front of a camera or in a room full of children and calling them “animals” is child abuse. And even though this is my opinion only and no charges have been filed, if calling children “animals” is not child abuse in your mind then there may be something wrong with your sensibilities.

On Friday, the thirteenth of November, The CBC radio program, “The Current”, had biologist and child abuser David Suzuki as its guest host. It is my opinion that calling children “animals” is child abuse. Well known biologist Richard Dawkins has called persons of faith child abusers for telling them there is such a thing as hell or a lake of fire but there are far more immediate consequenses to calling children “animals” and the consequences are manifesting in our societies at large.

David Suzuki used his time on the radio with an international audience to promote his religion of climate change and hatred of capitalism. Suzuki personifies the ridiculous. He expects the masses to embrace the false science of man made global warming which is nothing more than a tax-and-grab movement to fill the cauffers of the church of the modern philosophy of naturalism. This is evident in the discussion in case you have the stomach to listen to the child abuse spewing from the imbecile’s mouth. He does all of this with an apparent straight face in spite of the clear evidence pointing to the utter inability of human invovement to save even one walrus or move the thermometer even one degree.

A greater question I would like to pose is… why? Why are the people at CBC, which is totally tax-payer funded, allowed to promote this religion without any consequences? And why am I being forced to pay for it? This isn’t just any random radio station that you can turn off without any consequences. If I choose to ignore the employment of child abusers on the radio; radio that I’m being forced to pay for; and say nothing about it then I am complicit in what they are doing. I am complicit in the child abuse. For this I will not be held accountable. How about you?

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Carol Mitchell Huron-Bruce MPP Missing ?


Carol Mitchell, through her office staff, was invited to attend the taping of a television program at the Ripley wind farm.  She never showed up. Granted the invite was on short notice but there was concern for her when she failed to show.

On the evening of June 22, it was understood  she was scheduled  to attend a Wind Turbine regulations public meeting in Port Elgin where approximately 180 citizens anticipated her arrival .  She did not show up.

I don’t wish to alarm anyone by calling the police  at this time. If you know of her whereabouts please ask her to contact me.

Carol Mitchell may or may not be sporting a small green tattoo.

Your attention in this matter is appreciated!

Carol Mitchell Liberal MPP

The above artricle is satire !

Word of the Day – Eugenics


I hope this helps you understand the WWF and the ‘green movement’ in general. The people and groups below fund and use NGO’s to convince you that ‘global warming’ is both real and a threat to the very survival of the human race. Global warming is neither real nor a threat.

Environmentalism  (for their purposes) has nothing to do with the environment and the sooner people understand this the better.

UNESCO has control of the education system which means these people have control of your child’s mind.

Are these the people your want to entrust your children to?

Meet the real threat to humanity!



Prince Philip’s principal collaborators in launching the WWF as a funding and worldwide operations arm of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, were Sir Julian Huxley and Max Nicholson, both ardent advocates of eugenics and racial purification. In fact, Huxley was president of the Eugenics Society when he co-founded the WWF. First, as head of the United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (Unesco), and later as a WWF founder, Huxley preached the need to revive race science and the urgent mission of “culling the human herd”–particularly of the darker-skinned races of Africa and South America. In the founding document of Unesco, Huxley had frankly acknowledged the difficulties he would encounter in reviving eugenics, in light of the Nazi genocide. “Even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible,” he wrote, “it will be important for Unesco to see that the … public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.”

The method Huxley and others devised for forcing people to “think the unthinkable,” was to replace the idea of eugenics with the idea of environmentalism. Huxley, Prince Philip, and the others, however, understood that, in their way of thinking, the two terms were interchangeable. During a 1960 tour of Africa, on the eve of the launching of the WWF, Huxley openly boasted that the ecology movement would be the principal weapon used by the British oligarchy to impose a Malthusian world order over the dead body of the nation-state system, and, most importantly, the United States.

It is no coincidence, in the context of Huxley’s remarks, that the man who helped found the Canadian branch of Prince Philip’s WWF, Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, would be implicated by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Bloomfield, the wartime liaison of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, ran the Montreal-based Permindex Corporation, the entity identified in the Garrison investigation as the hands-on controller of the Kennedy assassination plot.

The 1001 Club and Other Eco-Fascist Fronts

To further spread the work of the WWF, in 1970, Prince Philip teamed up with a former SS officer, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, already a prominent player in the WWF, to create a permanent funding mechanism for the growing number of ecology fronts being spawned, to scoop up the dregs of the late-1960s counterculture, and deploy them as the storm-troopers of the new “green” fascism. The 1001: A Nature Trust, known among its members as the “1001 Club,” was created as an adjunct to Prince Bernhard’s well-known Bilderberg Group, the Cold War-era secret society of leading North American and European oligarchical insiders–1,001 close personal associates of Prince Bernhard and Prince Philip were “invited” to join the 1001 Club at an initial fee of $10,000 per person.

The bulk of the members were drawn from the boards of directors of the leading Club of the Isles raw materials cartels, banks, insurance companies, and family trusts (the fondi). Typical of this caste were John Loudon, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell and chairman of Shell Oil Co., who served from 1977 until his death as president of the WWF; Maurice Strong, head of the Canada-based Power Corporation, and one of the most important of the WWF operators; Baron Aubrey Buxton of Alsa, of Barclays Bank; Bertold Beitz, director of Alfred Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation; Conrad Black, chairman of Britain’s leading media cartel, the Hollinger Corporation; Peter Cadbury, of the George Cadbury Trust; Anton Rupert, of the South African Rembrandt tobacco interests; Sir Kenneth Kleinwort, owner of Kleinwort Benson, one of Britain’s oldest investment banks; and Henry Keswick, chairman of Jardine Matheson and brother of John Keswick, the chairman of Hambros Bank and a director of the Bank of England.

Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield was a 1001 Club charter member, as were a number of notorious scoundrels, including swindler-bankers Robert Vesco and Edmond Safra.

By the time Princes Philip and Bernhard had assembled the $10 million war-chest, the first of the leading eco-fascist front groups and think-tanks had already been launched. In 1969, a Sierra Club official, David Ross Brower, founded Friends of the Earth, which, several years later, would help spawn such overtly terrorist groups as Greenpeace and Earth First!. The same year, WWF Chairman Sir Peter Scott launched Survival International, originally known as the Primitive Peoples Fund, which, three years later, spawned Cultural Survival.

In 1968, Aurelio Peccei, a former executive of Fiat (Fiat President Gianni Agnelli was a charter member of the 1001 Club), founded the Club of Rome, another by-invitation-only organization, to peddle a new, computer-age brand of Malthusianism. In 1970, with a grant from the Volkswagen Foundation, Peccei hired Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer whiz-kid Jay Forrester, and a team of his students, to prepare a report on the world population crisis, which was published several years later under the title Limits to Growth. Using a fraudulent concept of “carrying capacity” that completely ruled out human scientific discovery, Forrester and his students, Dennis and Donella Meadows, claimed that a combination of overpopulation and resource depletion would wreck the planet. The Club of Rome became not only a leading “establishment” lobby for every wacky environmental hoax; it launched the zero population growth movement, which has now devolved into a demand for drastic world population reduction–i.e., genocide.


Sing for Change Obama – What Kind of Change?

The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

Adolf Hitler

“When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”
– Adolph Hitler

Hitler youth – What’s the difference?

Mussolini had his blackshirts


Hitler had his brownshirts.


Now we have to deal with the UN greenshirts,
and they are every bit as dangerous.

maurice strong
Maurice Srong

al gore

Al Gore

david suzuki

David Suzuki

Just a few of the front men

Read Agenda 21

It’s time to start deprogramming the children!