Election Fraud – Update Nov. 13th, 2014

Update Nov. 13th, 2014 –

Donna (clerk of Municipality of Kincardine)

During a recent conversation with Sarah Van Exan, senior policy dept. of MMAH, Sarah said “I can’t tell you whether or not the Act is valid”

To date no one has been able or willing to confirm the validity of the Municipal Election Act.

The MMAH should have jumped at the opportunity to prove the validity of the Municipal Election Act as they are in charge of the Municipal Act and the Municipal Elections Act.

They have done the exact opposite.

Because MMAH can’t say the Act is valid…one is led to interpret it to mean the Act is in fact not valid.

This has serious implications for all those involved in the “election” process.

I have been asking what I thought was a simple question for some time “Are the Municipal elections a fraud?”

To date I have received no definitive yes or no answer.

I expected a quick answer to the question……Still waiting!

The onus is not on me to prove whether or not the Municipal elections are valid.

It is up to those who wrote and administer the Act to prove the Act is valid, legal and most importantly, lawful.

The MMAH employs lawyers, as do the Municipalities and the Province. The Ministry of Attorney General employs some 800 lawyers. Surely the question can be easily answered.


Your immediate attention to this matter is required.

Let us not forget the article from the National Post http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/08/07/bruce-county-mayors-broke-law-by-holding-secret-meetings-on-storing-ontario-nuclear-waste-probe-finds/


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