Canadian Involvement in World Parliament

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a Traitor
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by Ron Stephens

Harper is just one more traitor in a long list of Canadian traitors.

Corporatism is a form of fascism, where big business and government work as partners at the expense of the productive class.
corporatism [ˈkɔːpərɪtɪzəm -prɪtɪzəm]n (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the organization of a state on a corporative basis

The taxes you pay help  finance the organizations bent on destroying our country and the futures of all who call Canada home.

World war l imposed on the world to move “their agenda” World war ll created to move “their agenda”  World war ll was the catalyst for Bretton Woods which gave birth to the World Bank and the IMF. World war ll birthed the United Nations. All govt. moves since have been working toward  “their agenda” of a One World Govt. The One World Govt. will rise from  a World Parliament via the UN.

“An international Parliament elected by the Peoples should replace the assembly of delegates proposed in the Paris text [of the Statutes of the League of Nations]. This Parliament should have full prerogatives and legislative powers”

International Conference of League of Nations Societies, Berne, March 1919

“There should be a study of a house directly elected by the people of the world to whom the nations are accountable”

Ernest Bevin, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1945-1951), Speech in the House of Commons, November 1945

“Better-structured democratic control and accountability is needed if the world’s democratic deficit is to be addressed seriously. At some point, contemplation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly will be needed. … Such an Assembly should be more than just another UN institution. It would have to become a building block of a new, democratically legitimate, world order”

22nd Congress of the Socialist International, São Paulo, October 2003

All those who died in the wars were sacrificed……….not for freedom, but to push “their agenda” of world slavery.

So don’t worry about Harper because it matters not who is Prime Minister of Canada or who is Premier of a Province.

None work for you or the people of Canada. That’s a fact!

Here is a short list of Traitors which will help verify what I’m saying. (this is just one group, there are many more with the same agenda operating within our Borders. We must expose them as the Traitors they are.)

If we want a Country we can call our own we better get hold of our boot-straps and give a good tug on them. Otherwise it’s over.

Bretton Woods ll takes place this April……….

George Soros is reportedly funding with 50 million dollars.

We must all focus on one goal. Freedom for Canada and it’s people!

Interesting times have arrived.

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Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land

Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land


Make this documentary compulsory viewing for every Canadian. The young man who made this documentary deserves the Order of Canada.

People like Suzuki, Maurice Strong, Elizabeth May and many others should give theirs back. Unlike this young man, they are liars, deceivers and eco-fascists who have worked their entire careers with the goal of undermining this great land.

Pay Attention Canada!

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Oh Canada – The Movie


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