Canada Live Sunday June 24th

William Kay of Eco-Fascism is our guest on Canada Live from 1-3 pm Sunday June 24th. His latest paper is on Bill C-38 which he will discuss on the show. Have a question on Bill C-38? Click the banner below to join the show and post your question in the chat.

To preview his paper hit the link below

Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act (Bill C-38)

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Expose the Traitors of Our Nations

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Jack Layton Dies fighting cancer

Jack layton : new moustache, same old sh**

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Jack Layton leader of the Federal NDP and official opposition announced he will be taking a leave of absence as he prepares to once again fight cancer.

While I wish no one ill-health & I wish him a speedy recovery, understand who Jack Layton is.

Mr. Layton is a member of the UNPA (United Nations Parliamentary Assembly) which is pushing for a United Nations Parliament that will supersede our parliament and sovereignty.

The NDP is also a member of International Socialists.

The New Democratic Party of Canada (“NDP”) is a full member of The Socialist International. According to the Socialist International, the “Socialist International is the worldwide organisation of social democratic, socialist and labour parties”, whose “…representatives want to learn from one another, jointly promote socialist ideas and work towards this objective at [an] international level.” The Socialist International web site says that “strengthening the United Nations is an important step in the creation of this new, democratic world society” and that “…the work of abolishing international inequality will be a crucial step forward on the road to a democratic world society”

Any way you cut it, Mr. Layton is guilty of conspiracy to commit treason.

Get well Jack, so that someday a group of your peers can bring you before a common-law court to answer for your crimes against the sovereign nation of Canada.

Freedom and The Nations Fate by Saga

Celebrate Canada while it still Exists

A couple of songs by Saga to remind us all that we are losing our rights and our Nation at a frightening pace.

The freedoms you enjoyed in Canada will not be there for your children and grandchildren if you remain asleep.  You have a duty to them and your country.

Turn off the damn TV!






The Nations Fate

Victoria Serda for Mayor of Saugeen Shores

Victoria Serda, Politician

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Thought it was a good time to re-post this video as it has 666 views on you tube and Serda is running for Mayor of Saugeen Shores…….Agenda 21 for all!

Bill Ryerson – Global Population Speakout

Global Warming or Global Governance


This video goes beyond debunking MMGW, it does a good job of explaining the Agenda behind the fraud. Are you prepared to give up your rights and the sovereignty of you country based on a fraud. I hope not. Please watch the entire video

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