Sad State of Public Education in Canada

My guest is Karyn Draper of Calgary Alberta. Karyn is a mother, who’s child will be entering the public school system. She is rightfully concerned about what is being taught, who creates the curriculum and why. Karyn offers many insights and solutions for correcting the public school system and the politics of Canada.

Québec and California have officially linked their respective cap-and-trade systems

Attorney General of Ontario

From the web site  of MPP Madeleine Meilleur who represents the riding of Ottawa-Vanier.  Minister Meilleur was appointed Attorney General in March 2014. The attorney general seems not to have a problem promoting the UN agenda designed to destroy western nations.

Québec and California have officially linked their respective cap-and-trade systems on January 1, 2014, thereby making the Western Climate Initiative’s (WCI) regional carbon market the largest of its kind in North America, and the first to have been designed and operated by subnational governments of two different countries. Québec and California will hold a first formal joint auction in November 2014.

“As stated by the UN, any successful strategy aimed at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases should include determining a price for carbon. Québec strongly believes that a cap-and-trade system is an efficient and economically viable response to this global challenge. We are looking forward to recruiting new partners among our neighbours, thus joining forces in the necessary transition to a low carbon economy,” said Premier Couillard.

You may want to send Madeleine a note expressing your disgust!

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