David Suzuki Gets Owned by Santa and the Polar Bears

 Merry Christmas form Santa and David Suzuki

Polar bears not at risk: Nunavut

We’re breeding like bunnies eh!

The Nunavut government does not think the polar bear should be classified as a species of special concern under the federal Species at Risk Act, says territorial Environment Minister Daniel Shewchuk.

Scientists on the committee have argued that although Canada’s polar bear population has improved over the last 50 years, the future of the species could be threatened by climate change and receding sea ice.

You have to watch the language. “The scientists agree the bear population has improved over the last 50 years, they “could” be threatened by climate change”.

The scientists don’t say “are threatened”. The scientists still seem sold on the idea of “”climate change” – which is the natural state of climate, so that’s not to hard to accept.

What happened to,  “the Polar Bears will all die because of Man Made Global Warming”?

Those subpopulation have been of concern to scientists who said their numbers are declining. Inuit in those areas have disputed the scientific claims, saying they have seen more bears.

Shewchuk said he expects a backlash from the federal government and environmental groups to his decision.

Full story CBC

So there you have it – the bears are not threatened, and in fact there are more, not less bears.

Bring those promoting the scam of “Man Made Global Warming” before the courts where justice can served.

Fraud is a crime!

Here’s a video from 1958 predicting global warming – still waiting

Global Warming Video 1958

Here’s an article from 1922 – says it was pretty warm back then. Obviously not from industrial C02 emissions

Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt. November 2nd, 1922. Arctic Ocean

Greenpeace admits it wasn’t telling the truth

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David Suzuki Worries About Santa Clause


This is rich – David Suzuki worried about Santa Clause.

David Suzuki worried about Santa Clause
Suzuki comes clean on green

Suzuki doesn’t care about Santa or Christmas. Suzuki is  an atheist, who worships the earth, hates the human race and would be happy if the “naked ape” just disappeared from the face of the planet, although he seems in no hurry to leave.

David Suzuki is a sick man who suffers from a deep psychosis.

Maybe this Christmas bloggers should set up a “David Suzuki needs help fund.”  With luck, we could raise enough cash to afford Suzuki a padded room and 24 hr. care.

Suzuki abuses children by trying to convince them that his fantasies are reality based. They’re not!

David Suzuki is a danger to children and a fraud.

Some people wish for peace on earth at Christmas.

My wish is that Suzuki be barred from having any contact with children.

My second wish,  Suzuki agree to debate me in a public forum.

Merry Christmas!

Child abuse is the blanket term to describe four types of child mistreatment: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. In many cases children are the victims of more than one type of abuse. The abusers can be parents or other family members, caretakers such as teachers and babysitters, acquaintances (including other children), and (in rare instances) strangers.


Child Abusers
Two of the better known child abusers

For over three years this blog has done it’s best to expose the fraud of MMGW. One of the main tools used to spread this fraud has been children.

Through lies and deception,  men like David Suzuki and Al Gore have been abusing your child for years.

Most authority figures your child comes in contact with, especially teachers and church leaders, are guilty of abusing your child through lies and deception.

Lets not forget the media and politicians who are equally guilty of these abuses.

In fact, any person  or organization that is involved in the promotion of MMGW is guilty of child abuse.

Read “Cloak of Green” and the “Green Agenda” found on the top bar of this blog to get a better understanding of the abuse and abusers.

Make no mistake – your children are being abused in a most heinous manner by the very authorities you entrust them to.


Suzuki had a different answer. By the time someone has reached university age, he said, they’ve been so corrupted, they’ve got so much invested in the system, that there’s really not much hope they can change. That’s why, he said, I’m focusing most of my efforts now on children. For them I think there’s hope.

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The worst kind of ugly climate propaganda: David Suzuki targets kids at Christmas in the name of climate change

Here’s the popup message solicitation you get when you visit the website for the first time:

Climate change is melting the North Pole and it’s no longer safe for Santa and his Workshop. So our dear old friend is packing up the sleigh to find somewhere else to live.

You can help! Move your mouse over this website to find gifts you can buy Santa to help him set up a temporary Workshop and protect the North Pole for his return.

Of course, you’re savvy enough to know we won’t be sending actual gifts to Santa. You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your purchase and proceeds will be used by the David Suzuki Foundation to support our critical work to protect nature and the environment from threats like climate change.

Buying these green gifts and personalized ecards on behalf of hard-to-buy-for friends or relatives on your holiday list is a great way to show you’re thinking of them — and the planet!

Act now to help Santa!

Sincere thanks,
The David Suzuki Foundation

For more on MMGW/Climate Change visit Watts Up With That