Celebrate Canada – Happy Canada Day!

Only if your Brain Dead or Heavily Medicated

International criminals shut down Northern Ont. with G8 and Toronto with the G20 – Be Happy Canada!

  • Even though we are the richest nation because of our Natural Resources, we produce nothing – be Happy Canada!
  • The media all lies all the time – Be Happy Canada!

O Canada! Who stands of guard for thee!

Certainly not the politicians – how about you?

Be proud of your country

Wake up Canada!

Lied to since you were born

Suzuki comes clean on green

Enjoy your Tims!

13 Year Old Boy Dies of Swine Flu in Ontario


A tragic event indeed and we wish his family all the best during this time

I hope this video helps  shed some light on what may have happened to cause this young mans death.

The media is using this young man’s death to ramp up the fear factor. Think before you take the shot.

In the event you or a  loved one suffers negative side affects from the vaccine be aware the govt. is shielding the vaccine companies from being held responsible.

Think about that!

Do your research.