Agenda 21 in Action

Regardless of where you live UN Agenda 21 is being implemented by your local council without your knowledge. Time to Stand, say NO!! and mean it.

The Chicken Man, Andrew Wordes, in his own words 2012


What’s not Sustainable? Private Property

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.” From the report from the 1976 UN’s Habitat I Conference in Vancouver Canada

This is one of those stories that often never makes it to the Front Page of any newspaper or website. It’s a story about Property Rights and Eminent domain. It’s the story of one man who tried to fight back; and sadly it’s the story of a man who lost it all in the process. It’s also a story that can happen to anyone who is reading this article.

The story begins back in 2009 when Andrew Wordes, otherwise known as the Roswell Chicken Man, began his fight to raise chickens on his property. In February 2009, the city of Roswell, GA started to cite Andrew Wordes for raising livestock in his backyard. Wordes, who had started raising chickens on his .97-acre homestead in 2005, decided to fight back. And guess what he won.

But sadly, that’s when the real trouble started:

You see, the story actually has very little to do with chickens. While the city of Roswell, and cities just like it across America, would like people to believe it’s a story about chickens, the real story is about the rights of property owners.

When taking a look at a map that was published back in 2003, as part of Roswell’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan for city improvements, one thing becomes painfully obvious; The city had already planned to take Wordes’ property.

The Map showed that the city had major plans for his property. In fact, his property sat right in the middle of a planned city park. His property was being targeted for “city improvements”, and this fight had nothing to do with chickens. The chickens were really just the catalyst for the city to unlawfully seize his land.

After initially winning his fight in municipal court, the City of Roswell made Wordes life a living hell.

The Harassment Campaign Against Andrew Wordes

On Dec. 14, 2009, the city council approved a new ordinance banning roosters and using lot size to limit how many chickens a resident could keep. Wordes claimed that the harassment started immediately after the meeting, when Roswell police ticketed him for no insurance and a number of other moving violations.

  • In September of 2010, Roswell prosecuted Wordes under the new ordinance claiming he had too many birds for his lot size. The judge found him not guilty since he had the chickens before the ordinance became law.
  • In September of 2010, he was convicted of grading sediment on his land without a permit and having inoperable vehicles in his yard.  He was sentenced to community service.
  • In November of 2010, code enforcement served Wordes with a  nuisance citation.
  • After winning twice in court against the city, the county then got involved and actually cited him for “not properly stacking his firewood.”
  • In 2011, the 84 year-old women who held Mr. Wordes mortgage was harassed by the city into selling Wordes mortgage for forty cents on the dollar. The city then began the foreclosure process.
  • While in the process of trying to save his home, Andrew Wordes was arrested by Roswell Police on the day that he was to bring paperwork that would’ve delayed his bankruptcy and the foreclosure on his home.
  • Wordes was jailed for violating his probation after the city claimed he only served 122 of the 150 hours of community service that he had been ordered to serve.  He then served 99 days in jail.

After his release, he placed a sign on his property that read “Trespassers will be construed as a bodily threat” and then waited for authorities to arrive and remove him.

On Monday at 10:45 a.m. Marshalls arrived at the home. After a two-hour standoff, Wordes advised the Marshall that they needed to immediately leave the property.  That’s when the explosion happened. After years of battling for his right to keep his land, Wordes finally had enough.

On a website dedicated to Andrew Wordes, one of his friends wrote:

We all lost a little something today. Andrew was a man of faith, with a strong love for God. He was a staunch Constitutionalist with a passion for our freedoms and liberties.

You pushed Mr. Wordes to this point. You marched around Roswell bashing Andrew, annihilating his character, marking him as crazy and filing lawsuits whenever you could, bankrupting him and denying him rights given to property owners in the United States.

Andrew fought the good fight, not just for himself but for others because he knew it could happen to anyone. And it is. Eminent domain is being abused all over our country, just look it up. Communities are plagued with repeated abuses of the use of eminent domain. It’s tragic and your neighborhood could be next. Andrew fought to his last breath, for himself, for me, for you. In his mind, he went on his terms. Right out of Atlas Shrugged. Andrew is at peace now but it’s not over.

The sad truth about this story is its not an isolated incident.   When any government (talking city or county now) finds financial motivations, and they are able to initiate those directives at gunpoint of it’s local law enforcement, it’s important to keep powers in check so that they cannot be abused.

From the Federal Government seizing property because of “environmental regulations”, to local municipalities who use code enforcement agents codes to intimidate people into giving up their land, we have a huge problem in this country. Our property rights are being shredded before our eyes, and it’s only a matter of time before this story becomes an everyday occurrence, and the causes need to be addressed.  Remember, in the U.S, every town, every county, and every State makes many of it’s own laws, so circumstances vary from place to place.  It’s important to get plugged in to where you live and be sure that your local governments are above reproach with their handling of the citizens they intend to serve.

Regardless of where you live UN Agenda 21 is being implemented by your local council without your knowledge. Time to Stand, say NO!! and mean it.


Global Migration Group


UN Global Migration Group and its many partners pretend they are trying to help migrants when if fact they and their partners are  the ones who caused the problem in the first place. The goal is to destroy nation states by flooding them with the very migrants the UN and its partners created.

Global Migration Group

One mechanism for IOM’s collaboration with the UN system is the Global Migration Group (GMG), an inter-agency group, meeting at both the working level as well as at the level of heads of agencies. The GMG aims to promote the wider application of all relevant international and regional instruments and norms relating to migration, and the provision of more coherent and stronger leadership to improve the overall effectiveness of the international community’s and United Nation’s policy and operational response to the opportunities and challenges presented by international migration.

The GMG grew out of an existing inter-agency group, the Geneva Migration Group, which was established in April 2003 by the heads of IOM, ILO, OHCHR, UNCTAD, UNHCR and UNODC. In early 2006 membership in the Geneva Migration Group was expanded to include UNDESA, UNDP, UNFPA and the World Bank. The Geneva Migration Group’s Terms of Reference were updated, and it was renamed the “Global Migration Group”. In November 2007 the GMG admitted a further four members – UNESCO, UNICEF, the United Nations Regional Commissions and UNITAR. In 2010, WHO and UN Women were and in 2014 FAO and UNU were admitted as members, bringing the total GMG membership to 18 agencies.

Briefing of United Nations Member States on the activities of the Global Migration Group. (© IOM 2007. Photo: Anke Strauss)

IOM served as Chair of the GMG from July to December 2013, prior to which IOM had served as Chair from January to June 2007. The International Labour Organization (ILO) assumed the chairmanship of the GMG on 1 January 2014 for a full year, following a GMG internal review. The GMG is chaired in 2015 by the World Bank. For a list of previous Chairs and background information on the GMG, click here.


Working Groups

The GMG has three  working groups and two task forces, including:

  • Working Group on Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies, co-chaired by IOM and UNDP
  • Working Group on Data and Research, co-chaired by IOM and UNDESA
  • Working Group on Migration, Human Rights and Gender, co-chaired by OHCHR, UN Women and UNICEF
  • Task Force on Capacity Development, co-convened by IOM and UNITAR
  • Task Force on Migration and Decent Work, co-convened by ILO and IOM

GMG at the IOM Council

IOM invited the GMG to interact with its Member States on the occasion of the IOM Council in 200820092010, and 2013.


The current GMG Chair can be contacted at

Global Migration Group

Agenda 21 Marches Toward 2030

Regardless of which Party you vote for this Federal Election they will continue to do the bidding of the International Crime Syndicate known as the United Nations. Members of all Parties and the Senate are pushing for a Global Government by the Untied Nations via the UNPA


Introduction 1. We, the Heads of State and Government and High Representatives, meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 25-27 September 2015 as the Organization celebrates its seventieth anniversary, have decided today on new global Sustainable Development Goals.

Full Globalist Agenda for 2030

Winnipeg Jewish Business Council – Part of the UN plan?

The flag of Israel imposed over the Canadian flag…Not Good!!
Israel and the UN both emerged at end of ww2…think about it. I was asked to like their page …not gonna happen…Wake up! The stench of Globalism is overpowering! I will be giving them a call at the number posted below.

Winnipeg Jewish Chamber of Commerce's photo.

Short Description
We are the Winnipeg Jewish Business Council. our main goal is to promote Jewish business networking and enriching our younger entrepreneurs with skills.
Company Overview
Our Jewish chapter will join the other Jewish Chamber chapters in Canada and around the world!
Long Description
As the President of the Winnipeg Jewish Business C

ouncil on behalf of all my board I welcome all of you to our Facebook page
General Information
The website is being created so please be patient. You will love all our events including rocking parties so you can let go and have fun.

Business and pleasure!
To unite the Jewish Businesses in Manitoba and create a solid relationship with Israel!


by Ron Stephens

As I have said many times over the years, if the Bible and the American constitution are destroyed we will live under world tyranny.

The Bible has been under attack for a long time, being removed from the schools and halls of government. The churches are preaching Earth Worship which is paganism.

The American constitution is almost destroyed, called “a damn piece of paper” by President George Bush.

It seems the Bible has been rewritten to usher in the World Religion to compliment World Government and World Law.

It’s high time we picked up the Bible and the Constitution and use them to beat back Global Tyranny.

The choice is ours….Freedom….or….1000 years of Tyranny.

I present to you a most interesting set of letters to the Holy See regarding the New Community Bible. Please read the letter and then go to website at end of letter. Interesting, and not unexpected revelations about the Church and New Age. Leave a comment as I’m interested in your thoughts on this matter.

Dear Holy Father,

I am sure that you are terribly busy out there with the Bishops’ Synod on the Word of God and other matters of pastoral concern for the Universal Church.

I am closely following all the daily news reports on NCR, VIS, Zenit, etc.

But I am fairly certain that you will be interested in this letter with the attachment.

It relates to the theme of the Synod.

It is about a “New Age” [as described by French theologian Fr Jean de Britto Dupre OSB and other Indian priests] Bible that has been published in India by St Pauls.

The commentaries in the NCB have many theological and other errors.

It promotes relativism, religious pluralism, syncretism, saffronisation and confusion.

The Bible, which is the Word of God, has also been Hinduised in the guise of inculturation.

Our team has organised a crusade to have it withdrawn.

Even 100 days after our writing to every Indian Bishop a minimum of three times, we are yet to get a clear response from the Bishops’ Conference except to say that they are looking into the matter.

Other than a few Bishops, most of the Bishops have not acknowledged our repeated reminders.

The issue was discussed at the Bishops’ Standing Committee meeting that concluded nearly three weeks ago, but their decision has not been communicated to us.

The Indian Catholic media is not publishing the many letters that we have sent criticizing the NCB. Only the letters of the pro-NCB lobby are being published.

Because of the physical attacks on Christians, this spiritual issue has been apparently sidelined. The Church here is more concerned about the saffron without than the saffron within the Church.

In the meanwhile, we have received hundreds of responses from priests and laity from all over India, the Persian Gulf, Canada, Europe, the US and Oceania.

We have all along informed the Bishops that we would be writing to Rome and now finally we are constrained to do so.

We have great confidence in the Magisterium of the Church and we trust that the Holy See will examine this travesty of a Bible.

Reproduced below is part of the initial ‘alert’ that we sent out. Also, attached herewith is our original report. It has been followed by other studies by our team.

On behalf of our team, I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours obediently, Michael Prabhu, Catholic apologist and evangelist Chennai, India


The Bible according to Green Satanists

Editor: The “Green Movement/Satanists/UN/NWO know no bounds.They took the Bible and desecrated it for their purposes.Green Satanists desecrate the Bible to push their Agenda

Green Satanists desecrate the Bible to push their Agenda

The Green Bible

The Green Movement and Christianity

The Green Movement and Christianity

The Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant

Man is the Enemy!

The Green Agenda

The History of the Global Warming Scare

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Calgary Runs Out of Places For The Dead


The National Post – “How long the land would last is unknown, Mr. Daudlin said. It will depend on trends and demographics; how many Calgarians choose to be cremated, or interred in mausoleums. Current and future residents may also opt for greener deaths, using metal-free caskets, funerals sans embalming fluid or burials that take up a smaller land footprint.”

“Calgary Runs Out of Places For The Dead”

If you understand UN Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 then this story makes perfect sense.

Let me explain.

UN Sustainable Development/Agenda 21, is being implemented in ever village, town and city in Canada and around the world.  What’s not sustainable alive or dead?………………………………………… You!

Don’t bury the dead……..recycle them.

I’m sure that sometime in the not too distant future  you’ll read a front page headline like this – “Human Bodies Contain Large Amounts of Usable Protein”

The story will read something like this;

Burials are expensive, use a large amount of land and can have an adverse affect on the environment.

 Isn’t it time we looked for a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of our bodies after we die.

Our bodies, instead of being buried, could be recycled into high-protein wafers to feed the increasing number of hungry in our society. Land not used for cemeteries would be used to build high-density affordable housing for the homeless.

Say goodbye to your loved ones by showing you care about the environment!

If you understand UN Agenda 21, the above is not only plausible but likely. If you don’t know about or understand UN Agenda 21 it’s time you did… could end up as a green protein wafer.

As you read the story from the National Post please understand all media is pushing UN Sustainable Development/Agenda 21. I suggest you think long and hard before you spend your next hard-earned dollar on MEDIA. Unless of course you enjoy being manipulated and lied to.

Calgary plots more burial space as city runs out of places for the dead

Jen Gerson

“Other cemeteries basically have, at this point in time, cremation options available. But as far as full casket interment, Queen’s Park is the last cemetery that we have that casket space available.”

Space for a new cemetery isn’t necessarily easy to find. First, one needs willing neighbours. Then future sites have to meet certain environmental requirements.

“We’re looking for special soil conditions, grade, water table and so on and so forth,” he said. “For the most part, we’re looking for what we would be looking for if we were building homes. We don’t necessarily want rocky conditions. We’re looking for conditions that are easy to operate in as far as our interment needs.”

The proposed new cemetery includes 65 developable acres, and would connect to the Ralph Klein Legacy Park to the west; proponents of the site note that residents are increasingly using cemeteries as they would any greenspace.

How long the land would last is unknown, Mr. Daudlin said. It will depend on trends and demographics; how many Calgarians choose to be cremated, or interred in mausoleums. Current and future residents may also opt for greener deaths, using metal-free caskets, funerals sans embalming fluid or burials that take up a smaller land footprint.

Full Story at National Post

Soylent Green