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Note – (You may get your health study once the thousands of wind turbines are erected. It is quite possible that once all the turbines are erected, the govt. will say that there is a danger to health .. Everyone must move off the affected lands into towns and cities, because the govt. cares deeply about your health. One of the core goals of Agenda 21 is to move people into “human settlements” and “re-wild” the rural areas. Sustainability!
So keep on asking for the health study – it will make a future govt. look good………..of course you won’t live in the country any longer. On the bight side – you got your health study and never had to expose the scam………good work!.)

Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference

Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference part 2

Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference part 3

Wind turbine noise – Suncor wind farm Ripley


Now that the Ontario Municipal Elections are over and it appears most Rural Municipalities have their “Green Teams” in place for the final take-down of Rural Ontario,  it seems  like a good time to re-post this video which now has over 30.000 views.

Expect to see many more turbines dotting the Rural landscape in the days ahead.


26 new coal plants in Germany

Wind has been a resounding failure in Europe. The question then is why are we in North America being harassed by this industry.

Wind farms have nothing to do with energy and everything to do with the removal of property rights. Once you understand that Global Warming is a fraud to scare you, it becomes very easy to understand the reality that is Agenda 21. Same thing with biofuels. Who in their right mind would grow food and then burn it.

Agenda 21 

Sorry, it’s only 26 new coal plants in Germany  

[Sources for claims made in response to Wendy Williams’ defense of Cape Wind in Parade magazine, Mar. 2]

According to Der Spiegel, Mar. 21, 2007, Germany is planning 26 new coal-fired electricity plants. And according to the New York Times, June 20, 2006, 8 are on a fast track for completion by 2010 or so. I apologize for any confusion caused by my misremembering the figures as, respectively, 28 and 6.

Several analysts have shown that most — up to 84% in the west — of Denmark’s wind-generated electricity is exported: e.g., Hugh Sharman in the May 2005 Civil Engineering, and David White in the July 2004 Utilities Journal.

The data showing fossil fuel use for electricity going up instead of down as wind energy on the grid increased are in the Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics 2007 from BERR.

It is according to the Danish Wind Industry Association that the last increase in wind energy capacity was between 2002 and 2003.

The near-unanimous (24 of 28 communities surveyed) rejection of more (and much larger) turbines in Denmark was reported by Politiken on Feb. 17 (click here for rough translation by National Wind Watch).