World Economic Forum Wheel of Evil

Please share this with everyone you know. We and those who come after us are in grave danger. We have a duty to put a stop to their Evil agendas.

Everyone needs to spend time at this WEF link and understand their Evil plans. Take a close look at their Wheel of Evil intent and then go through the links beside it.…

WEF and UN signed an agreement in June 2019 and then along came the COVID19. Bill Gates is attached to both parties.
Like I’ve said numerous times, COVID19 is a created Crisis so they can move their agendas forward. Welcome to WW3 a spiritual/psychological war of Consent to their Evil agendas via their propaganda/lies. The politicians, Federal, Provincial and Municipal, media, teachers, preachers etc. are not only aware but are helping to implement the Globalist plans and must be held accountable for the harm being done to innocent people everywhere on the planet.

As I have said before, this is about two things, the implementation of the UN SDG’s and the WEF Fourth Industrial Revolution. End game, total Technocratic lock-down where they control every aspect of our lives and all resources on the planet.

They can’t have their ‘world gov.’ as long as nation states exist.
COVID19 is the Crisis being used to destroy nation state economies and move to city states of which they will control. WEF says they have 7 trillion at their disposal, meaning they are going to play the savior as our economies die from the debt created by ‘Their Virus’
Take a look at the picture and you will see World gov. on their wheel of Evil. All roads still lead to Rome!

Please share this with everyone you know. If this doesn’t wake them, don’t know what will.

Everyone should also go through the partners of the WEF. That will help you understand who is involved. From the biggest companies and foundations to the Ontario teachers federation and the pension fund of the Ontario municipal governments.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

COVID-19 Bill Gates, United Nations and World Economic Forum

Coronavirus COVID-19 Natural or a Planned Event

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