OPP Officers Charged With Assault Of Grey County Man

A Grey County man was assaulted by plain clothes police officers in an incident on December 15th.

OPP officers Jillian Serkowney and Steve Paddon are due in Owen Sound court March 10th to answer to the charge of assault causing bodily harm.

Enos Martin of Williamsford was among a group of people who supported raw milk producer Michael Schmidt during a raid on his farm near Durham on October 2nd.

Schmidt and a handful of others were later summoned to appear in court on a charge of obstruct a peace officer, but Martin says he never knew about the charge.

Then in mid-December, Grey County OPP officers executed an arrest warrant and took him to West Grey to be fingerprinted.

Martin says roughly 10 minutes after he returned to his farm, plain clothes officers showed up in a van. Mr. Martin explained to the officers he’d been processed and the papers were in his van.  The officers ignored him and proceeded to assault, handcuff and unlawfully arrest Mr. Martin.

He claims they tightened the handcuffs as much as possible, forced his arms up in the air causing damage to his wrists and shoulders. His claims are backed by testimony of a doctor who examined Mr. Martin.

Martin says enough is enough and has filed charges against two veteran OPP officers from the Chatsworth detachment.

The matter is now before the court.

Audio recording of Mr. Martin Bayshore Broadcasting


4 thoughts on “OPP Officers Charged With Assault Of Grey County Man

  1. enos martin is a known drunk and pot grower his place was raided by the police a few years back cops and a helicopter was overhead
    Arieal his wife lives in hell and has left him several times and gone to shelters , they have two boys that have to have speech theropy because the idiot wont make them learn anything. he is nothing but a drunk and a liar and a drug grower and seller
    he gets involved with the raw milk guy too
    oh yeah enos martin feel sorry for that idiot

  2. I can’t believe how brutal police can be. You poor man, being arrested and then handcuffed for being a criminal. This kind of abuse must stop, our police should start concentrating on harassing honest citizens and leave you alone.

    • One who cannot comprehend what they read should restrain from commenting as it makes one look unintelligent and ignorant. But, being named Anonymous, could be a large part of your problem… hope you weren’t teased too much growing up. Take care and all the best Anonymous.

  3. I have had exactly the same thing happen to me in Toronto. I would like to share my police story with Mr Schmit as literally the same thing happened to me with plain clothes police after charges were dropped against me 3 times over a a $50.00 ticket.

    Looks like it is new police policy. I am sure that my case will help his and I can use this info to help mine. … Then, look at what is going on in Burns Oregon. Enough is enough is right. I can provide him with my court case number and police notes etc etc etc Please respond. 1984 has arrived. UN thugs on mind control drugs hired for their border line mental disorder IQ so they can follow simple orders without question and without a conscience.

    wm – i phone — —–


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