Are the Municipal Elections a FRAUD?

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Donna (clerk of the Municipality  of Kincardine)

Does your response in some way answer the questions?

Please answer yes or no to the following-

Only legal persons can vote?

Legal persons are corporations?

Everyone on the voters list is a Legal person?

Corporations can’t vote?

On 16/10/2014 3:27 PM, wrote:

Hi Ron

Thanks for your message.  Pursuant to the Municipal Elections Act, the preliminary list of electors contains the name and address of each person who is entitled to be an elector under section 17 of the Act.  And, the preliminary list, as corrected under Section 22, constitutes the voters’ list.

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Donna (Clerk of Municipality of Kincardine)

Further to our telephone conversation on Oct. 15th 2014.

I’m still waiting for conclusive evidence that the election is lawful.

I have no need to contact legal advice. You, the clerk, is in charge of the election and must know the rules, regulations and definitions…not I.

If you and Sarah Van Exan can’t prove the election is lawful…there can be no election.

I require you and Sarah contact legal advice and to make sure you can prove that the names on the voters list are not names of legal persons/corporations.

Corporations can’t vote!

The onus is on you…not me.

This also raises the question of competency and breach of a duty of care.

Your immediate attention to this matter is required.



Dear Mr. Stephens,

I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I have considered the questions that you raise in your email below with my colleagues. Your questions are about the legitimacy of the municipal legislative scheme and the democratic process.

As I said to you on the phone, as policy staff with the Ministry, we are able to answer questions and provide information regarding the rules and operation of the Municipal Elections Act. We are able to speak generally about what the Act says.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer your questions because we are not able to give legal advice on how specific language in the Act should be interpreted. It is the role of the courts to make these determinations and so you may wish to direct your inquiries to a lawyer.



Sarah Van Exan

Director (A)

Local Government Policy Branch

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing


From: Ron []
Sent: September-10-14 10:28 PM
To: Van Exan, Sarah (MAH)
Subject: Re: response to your email


Thank you for not sending me the information I required.

Thank you for not responding via a phone call.

Speaking of the voter. The municipal election act combined with the municipal act prove the fraud of municipal elections.

Municipal election act says “persons” can vote. I asked the clerk today to define “persons.” Her response “well you know….it means well you know persons”

Not much of a definition.

So I asked her if she was aware to the part saying who can’t vote. “yes”

Persons prohibited from voting

(3) The following are prohibited from voting:

1. A person who is serving a sentence of imprisonment in a penal or correctional institution.

2. A corporation.
The only persons that can vote according to the act are “persons” and everyone on the voters list is a “legal person” and legal persons are corporations. Therefore no one on the voters list can vote.

>From the municipal act.

“city”, “town”, “village”, “township” and “county” respectively mean a city, town, village, township or county, the inhabitants of which are a body corporate within the meaning and for the purposes of this Act; (“cité”, “ville”, “village”, “canton”, “comté”)

“municipality” means a locality the inhabitants of which are incorporated; (“municipalité”)

Municipalities are not gov. according to the constitution and corporations can’t vote. Everyone on the voters list is a corporation.

Please explain how the municipal elections are not a constructed fraud. The Clerk couldn’t.


Shelagh McFarlane Ward 3 all Candidates Meeting Underwood Sept. 30th

Shelagh McFarlane says it as it is at the all candidates meeting at the Underwood Community Hall Sept. 30

After a 3 day trial she was found not guilty of all charges.

Shelagh is the one who will truly represent you in Ward 3 and do it honestly and without fear.

Vote Shelagh McFarlane Oct. 27th Ward 3 Municipality of Kincardine.

To find out more about Shelagh go to her FB page or Website.

Thank You!

Shelagh McFarlane for Kincardine council Ward 3

Vote for Shelagh McFarlane Ward 3 Kincardine.  Shelagh is a breath of fresh air, with the capacity to effect the kind of change the people of Kincardine want to see. To find out more about Shelagh go to her FB page or Website.

OPP Bought and Paid For

The OPP is a corporation and has accepted money from ENBRIDGE PIPELINES INC. bought&paid4

This is  more proof of the level of corruption and deception on these lands.

The OPP is a for hire police force that will stand on the side of ENBRIDGE PIPELINES INC.  and will remove or arrest protesters on behalf of ENBRIDGE PIPELINES INC. When the OPP give you a summons to appear because of a breach of an act, statute or regulation when you’ve caused no harm, they are working as corporate policy enforcers for the PROVINCE of ONTARIO which is a corporation. The OPP operate in the LEGAL world and not in Law. Legal is like,  similar to but not law. Therefore the OPP act outside of, not in Law. OPP are corporate outlaws on the land protecting the interests of corporate outlaws. If someone from the Corporate Province of Ontario, Attorney General’s office, Premiers office or the Law Society of Upper Canada can prove me wrong in my assessment of the OPP….I will be the first to thank you and make a sincere apology.  To date,  no one from the mentioned corporate agencies has been able to do so.

OPP provide policing for most municipalities in ONTARIO.  Municipalities are not recognized as government in the constitution. Municipalities are corporations who use you as a revenue stream and pay OPP corporate policy enforcers with your money. Pretty cool eh!

Give that some thought this Oct. when you head to the polls to vote for representation. Those who sit at the council table for the next four years represent the corporation not you!



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