Jim Wilson Is New Interim Leader Of Ontario PC party

Attention: If you are a consumer of electricity you are unwittingly involved in a massive fraud!

The Sales Pitch

Hydro bills “may” drop 20%
Deregulation, amalgamation

(“may” definition – shall, must —used in law where the sense, purpose, or policy requires this interpretation)

Toronto Sun – Thursday, June 11, 1998
By James Wallace, Queen’s Park Bureau

Toronto consumers should be the first to benefit from plans to deregulate Ontario Hydro, Energy Minister Jim Wilson said yesterday.

The amalgamation of Toronto’s six local utilities and plans to end Ontario Hydro’s 92-year monopoly should substantially cut power bills in the city, he said.

Toronto Hydro has estimated bills could drop as much as 20%.

The Fraud

Jim Wilson was the Minister of Energy in the Mike Harris PC government and was a central figure in the electrical system scam in Ontario

Mr. Wilson and the Harris government  worked closely with Ken Lay and other Enron lobbyists to build an electrical system designed to hurt consumers and businesses.

The electrical scam in Ont. started with the Bob Rae NDP government when Maurice Strong, Rae’s god-father, broke up Ontario Hydro. The electricity scam continued through the Harris and McGuinty Governments. Today Premier Kathleen Wynne and the liberal party administer the Enron styled electrical rate manipulation scam. The OEB and the government use the frauds/deceptions of conservation and sustainable development “Agenda 21”  as an excuse for the rate increases and as a front for the crimes being committed on the hard-working people of Ontario.

Aleck Dadson a former Enron lobbyist is  COO at the OEB. The OEB sets the ever-increasing electricity rates you pay.

A letter from Ken Lay of Enron to energy minister Wilson in 2001.

The Honorable Jim Wilson                                                                                July 5, 2001

Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology

Hearst Block, 4th Floor,

900 Bay Street

Toronto, ON M7A 2E1

Dear Minister Wilson,

John Lavorato and I would like to thank you, as well as Bryne Purchase, Judy Hubert and Rick Jennings, for taking the time to meet with us in Toronto on June 19. I was pleased to meet you again after your brief visit to Houston and to the Enron building last year.

John and I particularly appreciated the discussion with you and your colleagues about the opening of the Ontario electricity market. In our view, Ontario is well down the path towards creating an effective de-regulated electricity market. We would encourage the Government to move forward to market opening in accordance with the Market Readiness Plan adopted earlier this year by the Ontario Energy Board and the Independent Electricity Market Operator.

We understand that the Government has set a deadline of May 2002 for opening the market. From Enron’s perspective, we remain confident that the market can and should open earlier than that date. Establishing and adhering to an early market opening date will, in our view, assist the Government in ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the new competitive environment. As we discussed in our meeting, the Texas restructuring plan highlights the importance of a fixed date in attracting investment capital to the electricity sector.

My colleagues and I look forward to continuing our dialogue with the Government and, in particular with your Ministry, regarding electricity restructuring and related issues. Again, thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and your colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

Kenneth Lay


Enron Corp.

cc: Bryne Purchase

Deputy Minister

Judy Hubert

Assistant Deputy Minister


A revealing email by Aleck Dadson formally of Enron, Vice president of Energy Direct and now COO of the OEB-

From: aleck.dadson@enron.com
To: richard.shapiro@enron.com
Subject: Ken Lay/John Lavorato Briefing Material
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 05:50:00 -0700 (PDT)
—– Forwarded by AleckDadson/TOR/ECT on 06/07/2001 01:00 PM —–Aleck Dadson
06/07/2001 12:48 PMTo: Paul Devries/TOR/ECT@ECT
Subject: Ken Lay/JohnLavorato Briefing MaterialI have attached the following: a) a high level outline of the speaking
points for Ken Lay and John Lavorato for their meetings with Premier Harris
and, I hope, Wilson, Purchase and Hubert; and b) a more detailed briefing
note which outlines: i) key developments since April 4 , ii) our position
re market opening and the key issues that have been raised against opening
the market this Fall, iii) differences between California and Ontario; and
iv) Enron’s assessment of the possible difficulties in NYC this Summer. I am
awaiting material from Houston to complete the piece on
NYC. One piece that I think needs to be added to the
detailed briefing note is an overview of Enron’s current commercial position
in Ontario – i.e. the renegotiation of the BE contract and the likelihood of
pursuing a retail initiative. You will see where I have left space for that
piece, hoping that you could draft it. I have endeavoured
in the outline of the speaking points to focus on what we know the key
issues/concerns for the government are at this stage. I
have asked Sasha Jacob to provide us with profiles of Harris, Wilson,
Purchase and Hubert to include in the final briefing package.
I have prepared the material on the assumption that the best use of
the meeting time (likely 45 minutes with Harris and 60 minutes with Wilson et
al) is: a) to make the case for proceeding with market opening this Fall
if thhttp://canadiantruths.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/jim-wilson-is-new-interm-leader-of-ontario-pc-party/e IMO and OEB reports re market readiness are positive; b) to provide
Harris et al with our perspective on developments in the U.S. (particularly
New York and California) about which the government may have continuing
concerns; and c) to ask Harris what we can do to help the gov’t move forward
to a market opening this year. Rick Shapiro left
me a voice mail indicating that Lavorato and he had spoken about the visit
and the supporting material. The agreement between the two of them is
evidently that Rob, you and I are all to be comfortable with the briefing
material before sending it to John, who will then review it and propose any
changes he feels are necessary before it is forwarded to Ken
Lay. I would appreciate your questions,
comments and suggested revisions.



Ontario Market Opening Conference Call

April 12, 2001
(Toronto – 10:00 a.m., Houston – 9:00 a.m.)


1. Where we are re: market opening

2. What we have done/What we are doing

3. What to do going forward
Ontario Market Opening Initiatives

Regulatory Initiatives

• Ongoing participation on OEB Retail Market Readiness Taskforce that defined market readiness plan in retail sector; that Plan targets retail readiness by early September 2001 and “live market operations” late October/early November 2001

• Broad representation and participation on the committees/taskforces that are overseeing the testing/commissioning of the IMO systems

• Ongoing contact with OEB, IMO and PricewaterhouseCoopers (key advisors to government on retail market readiness)

• Have built relationships with key newspapers, in particular Globe & Mail and National Post

• Virtually all supportive editorial coverage on market opening issue has been the result of our efforts (columns by Reguly in Globe & Mail and Corcoran in National Post)

• Corcoran is writing another article on market opening for April 17 (Corcoran interviewed Ken Lay on April 4th)

• Ken Lay on ROB TV (April 4)

• Ken Lay speech broadcast on Rogers Cable and C-PAC

• Mac Penney (GPC) appears (with message) on CBC and TV Ontario re: market opening (latest is April 12) (est. reach 280,000 Ontario households on each occasion)
Queen’s Park Contact/Lobbying

• Numerous meetings with key ministry and political staff contacts in Premier’s Office, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Finance, Ontario Superbuild, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and Ministry of the Environment (see contact list)

• Core messaging has been on the points made in Ken Lay’s speech

• Developed further message re: resource adequacy and pricing to address concerns raised by major power consumers about Fall opening (have met re: same with Premier’s Office, Ministry of Energy, the IMO, and Superbuild – further meetings already arranged for Premier’s Office and Finance)

• Developing further message re: pricing, comparing what bulk power rates would have to be under regulation and what wholesale prices would be under competition (have retained Seabron Adamson/Kevin Wellenius to do analysis)

• Arranged for Toronto Board of Trade to adopt our messaging re: market opening in Fall and got them to hold press conference (March 15)

• Ken Lay speech at Board of Trade (April 4)

• Ken Lay lunch to introduce and press message re: market opening to three of Premier Harris’ key advisors on electricity issue – Bill Farlinger, Jim Baillie and David Lindsey

• Board of Trade events above dove tailed well with parallel “on message” event by Toronto Hydro (March 23)

Going Forward

• Lay meeting with Premier Harris – have been promised proposed dates from Premier’s Office by this Friday

• Attendance at Premier’s Reception and Dinner April 19 (PC Party fundraiser) – Bill Hawkins, key political advisor to the Premier on electricity issue will be at our table (Milnthorp, Shapiro, DeVries, Dadson, with 4 guests attending)

• Efforts to get some major industrial customers/consumer groups on side publicly with our message re: the Fall (I can detail what we are doing in that regard)

• Identify ways in which we can “lever” Enron systems to overcome any concern about distributor readiness (I can detail what we are doing/could do in that regard)

• Continue to press Independent Power Producers’ Society of Ontario to mount public advertising campaign comparable to IPPSA’s ads in Alberta

• Meetings with investment banks (message re: importance of early market opening to valuation of OPG assets)

• Potential retainer of Tom Long (Monitor) and Leslie Noble (Strategy Corp.), two key advisors to Premier Harris (note: Long had been invited to Ken Lay lunch but could not attend; Noble is key PC campaign organizer: she may be conflicted because of work for OPG; she is evidently advising, for political reason, that market opening be pushed off until after next election)

• Levering of US gov’t/ regulatory bodies re: reciprocity

Enron Canada
Ken Lay addressed a breakfast meeting of the Toronto Board of Trade on Wednesday, April 4, as part of the “Power Breakfast Series”. His topic
“Moving Forward with Electricity Deregulation.”

Before his speech, chairman of the Board of Trade commented that “this was the best attendance ever” at one of their breakfast meetings. After the meeting, Mr. Lay spoke with reporters from Reuters, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and Report on Business TV emphasizing Enron’s commitment to deregulation of the Ontario power market.



By Ron Stephens:

Today,  as is in the movie Metropolis – 1927  – Fritz Lang, we find ourselves engaged in psychological and spiritual warfare.

Meet Moloch at the 14 minute mark!

Metropolis is a  good depiction of the modern world controlled by the same elitism.

The city looks eerily similar to the sustainable cities they are building around us today. High density, light rail transit and continued slavery.


In John Milton‘s Paradise Lost (1667), Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the fallen angels,

“First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear’d with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
Though, for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud,
Their children’s cries unheard that passed through fire
To his grim Idol. Him the AMMONITE
Worshipt in RABBA and her watry Plain,
In ARGOB and in BASAN, to the stream
Of utmost ARNON. Nor content with such
Audacious neighbourhood, the wisest heart
Of SOLOMON he led by fraud to build
His Temple right against the Temple of God
On that opprobrious Hill, and made his Grove
The pleasant Vally of HINNOM, TOPHET thence
And black GEHENNA call’d, the Type of Hell.”

He is listed among the chief of Satan‘s angels in Book I, and is given a speech at the parliament of Hell in Book 2:43 – 105, where he argues for immediate warfare against God. He later becomes revered as a pagan god on Earth.

Environmentalism is Pagan earth worship being implemented at the local municipal level. The guidebook is Untied Nations Agenda 21. Environmentalism is;  Worship of the creation instead of the Creator.  God died, was killed, in the mid 19th century to allow science to become the “new religion” As long as God was alive ecology could not exist. See page 1 (after introduction pages) Beyond Sovereign Territory: The Space of Ecopolitics

As social or political allegory

In Bertrand Russell‘s A Free Man’s Worship (1903), Moloch is used to describe a particularly savage brand of religion:

The savage, like ourselves, feels the oppression of his impotence before the powers of Nature; but having in himself nothing that he respects more than Power, he is willing to prostrate himself before his gods, without inquiring whether they are worthy of his worship. Pathetic and very terrible is the long history of cruelty and torture, of degradation and human sacrifice, endured in the hope of placating the jealous gods: surely, the trembling believer thinks, when what is most precious has been freely given, their lust for blood must be appeased, and more will not be required. The religion of Moloch — as such creeds may be generically called — is in essence the cringing submission of the slave, who dare not, even in his heart, allow the thought that his master deserves no adulation. Since the independence of ideals is not yet acknowledged, Power may be freely worshipped, and receive an unlimited respect, despite its wanton infliction of pain.

The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide

UN Agenda 21

The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide PDF indicators. The results will be included in an Annual Report Card. The completed Report Card will be presented to the community at its annual Sustainable Community Day, where the citizens of Hamilton-Wentworth take stock of their progress on the trail to VISION 2020.

Mark Bekkering
Senior Policy Analyst
Planning and Development Department
Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth
119 King Street West
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8N 3T4
Tel.: + 1 905/546-2195
Fax:+1 905/546-4364
E-mail: markb@hookup.net

6.5.2 CASE #18

Program Name
Global Action Plan for the Earth: Household EcoTeam Programs Background
Global Action Plan for the Earth (GAP) is a US-based, non-profit organization that has worked for a five-year period to design and test an effective behavior change methodology for households in the advanced industrialized world. This methodology is called the Household EcoTeam Program. The program ran a campaign called “The North Puts Its House in Order… Household by Household,” which implemented the EcoTeam methodology in over 8,000 households in 12 countries: the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Australia.

The Household EcoTeam Program includes a feedback component to support continued involvement and commitment at the household level. In the United States, the households that have participated in the feedback part of the programs reported that on average they sent 42 percent less garbage to landfills, used 25 percent less water, reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by 16 percent, used 16 percent less transportation, and gained an average annual cost savings of US$401.00.

Program Description
The Household EcoTeam Program operates by organizing small groups of family members, residents, and co-workers in a neighborhood or city to work together to make their consumption patterns more sustainable. The program works on the basis that information is not enough to produce behavior change; in fact, the program recognizes that in many industrial countries there is an “overload” of information about the environment, which may inhibit action. For this reason, over a period of four months, the Household EcoTeam Program organizes individuals into “EcoTeams,” which not only provide and distill information about useful actions, but facilitate the provision of mutual support to put these actions into practice. A Household Eco Team Workbook is provided to each new EcoTeam to give step-by-step guidance in each action area. The teams meet once every two weeks with a different member facilitating each meeting, and are supported by a GAP-trained volunteer “coach.”The coach leads each EcoTeam through a process of taking action in the following areas:
•reducing garbage output;
•improving home water efficiency;
•improving home energy efficiency;
•improving transportation efficiency;
•being an eco-wise consumer; and
•empowering others at the household, workplace, and community levels.

For each of the first five action areas, participants choose actions from a list of suggestions. The results of the actions taken are measured and communicated back to each Eco Team and to the community at large. Positive feedback is maximized by the coach, the team members, and local leaders and media to encourage effective actions. Newspapers, radio, television, and bulletin boards are used to “broadcast” results, and awards are provided from local governments and businesses to recognize success.

In the sixth action area, each Eco Team is helped by the coach to spawn two or more new Eco-Teams by hosting a gathering for friends and neighbors. At these gatherings, the accomplishments of the Eco Team are reported and guests are informed about how they can form their own Eco Team.
GAP observes that the Eco Team approach is a far more effective approach than merely providing lists of “things to do,” because
peer support and direct human contact is essential to sustain life-style changes. By regularly showing participants the results of their actions relative to the other members of their team, other Eco Teams, and the community, a feedback system is provided to encourage further commitment to positive change.

Based on five years of experience with the Eco Team model, GAP is now employing a system to establish a “critical mass” (50–85 percent participation rate) of Eco Teams in key communities so that the total impact of Eco Team actions can have an aggregated positive effect for the whole community. For instance, the participants in Santa Cruz, California, USA, have determined that high diffusion of Eco Teams in that municipality would greatly reduce ground water consumption and the need to construct a US$43 million desalinization plant.

This “Community Lifestyle Campaign” builds on the GAP observation that most Eco Teams were established by word-of-mouth through existing social networks. By supporting each Eco Team’s process to personally invite friends and neighbors to develop two other Eco Teams, a doubling of the number of Eco Teams occurs with minimal effort every six months. (This recruitment method has been pilot tested with 20 teams, and each was able to form an average of two new teams.) As Eco Teams multiply and mobilize, their impact has an increasingly significant effect at the community level. This heightened impact, in turn, creates new opportunities for positive feedback through the media and local political leadership.

In summary, the Eco Team methodology uses the simple tool of systematized personal support networks to encourage and increase positive behavior change. In the course of changing behaviors, participants learn about environmental issues, build confidence that they can have an impact, and inform and recruit more friends and associates.

Global Action Plan for the Earth
PO Box 428, Woodstock, New York
12498 USA
Tel.: +1 914/679-4830
Concluding Remarks from the IGLEI Local Agenda 21 Team
As the preceding chapters have described, Local Agenda 21 planning is a collective process for creating community visions and actions to achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability. Although the Local Agenda 21 mandate was given by the United Nations to local governments, it is the responsibility of every local organization and resident to ensure that this process is started in their respective towns, cities or villages. If carried out effectively, these collective local initiatives will have a perceptible global impact.

The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide PDF

Woman Raped by South Bruce OPP at Walkerton Court House

South Bruce OPP raped a woman at Walkerton Court House on Feb 10th 2014.

The SIU is still investigating the OPP at this time.

Raping women isn’t part of the OPP oath.

The oath or affirmation of office to be taken by a police officer, special constable or First Nations Constable shall be in one of the following forms:

I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as (insert name of office) faithfully, impartially and according to law.

So help me God. (Omit this line in an affirmation.)


I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as (insert name of office) faithfully, impartially and according to law.

So help me God. (Omit this line in an affirmation.)

Lets take a closer look at the oath – Could rape be included in “discharge my other duties” part of the oath?

 “I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada” or “I will be loyal to Canada”

Which Queen are they taking the oath to? The one who swore an oath to uphold the law as per the KJV of the bible, or the one who is the personification of the Crown and at the apex of the legal and political systems?

Big difference as one is law and one is legal. Legal is not Law. Legal comes from legislative policy and is given the colour and force of law, but it’s not law. Legal is like law, similar to but not. Legal is corporate policy.

“I will, to the best of my ability”

Is this useful as an excuse? Take the rape at the Walkerton Court House as an example. Could the officer say something like..”I was just doing my job to the best of my ability and didn’t realize rape was wrong.”

“preserve the peace, prevent offences “

When the officer raped the woman was he attempting to preserve the peace? Was he trying to prevent an offence or just doing his job to the best of his ability?


Offence is an odd word as it shows in the editor as a wrong spelled word. Offence is not the same as offense..like legal and law. Offense is a law word (cause harm) Offence is like offense, similar to, like but not. Offense is in the realm of law and offence is in the world of legal. Law is law and legal is corporate fiction.

“according to law”

The most important phrase in the oath, “according to law” The OPP is a corporation as is Canada as is the Crown. They are in the legal realm which has nothing to do with the law. Remember legal is like, similar to but not law. Legal is corporate policy.

Therefore the OPP are policy enforcers for the various crown corporations and private companies that benefit from legislated policy .  Westario Power Inc. is a good example.

The tickets given you by OPP are not offenses, you caused no harm. They are offences, which are nothing more than revenue streams for the corporation. This is not law..it is theft of your property. Theft causes harm and is against the law.

“So help me God”

The Queen took an oath to uphold the LAW as per the KJV and so should have all OPP members. Law appears over 500 times in the KJV.  Legal appears 0 times in the KJV.

Ladies and gentlemen of the OPP you have a choice to make. Law or legal. Legal harms people by removing or restricting their lawful rights given them by their and your creator and that is against the law.

Be aware, when a man or woman has caused no harm, you have no authority or lawful right to interfere in lives. Please note -the driver’s license is a legal fiction and is not the property of the man or woman you pull over on the side of the road.

Please govern yourselves lawfully or you may find yourself  held privately liable for any harm you cause the good people of this province.

Remember…no harm no crime. That’s the law!


The oath or affirmation of office to be taken by a police officer, special constable or First Nations Constable shall be in one of the following forms:

I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as (insert name of office) faithfully, impartially and according to law.

So help me God. (Omit this line in an affirmation.)


I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as (insert name of office) faithfully, impartially and according to law.

So help me God. (Omit this line in an affirmation.)

Law vs Legal

Subject: Re: Walkerton court house
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 15:46:16 -0400
From: Ron
To: MClarke@Kincardine.net, attorneygeneral@ontario.ca, premier@ontario.ca, lt.gov@ontario.ca,
lawsociety@lsuc.on.ca, scott.miller@ctv.ca.
CC: anita.schnurr@ontario.ca , ask.us@hurontel.on.ca , ben.lobb.a1@parl.gc.ca , cao@kincardine.net
, claude.chapados@ontario.ca , derrick.wide@ontario.ca , jim.makris@ontario.ca ,
kincardine.news@sunmedia.ca , lisa.thompson@pc.ola.org >, mayor@kincardine.net ,
melody.martin@ontario.ca , stephan.olschewski@ontario.ca

I Ronald John do hereby decree by the authority vested in me by my creator, God, who created me equal to all other men and gave me dominion, that I shall respect the law and conduct my self in a lawful way. God tells us that to respect persons is a sin. I hereby revoke all presumptions and assumptions that I am a person. I am a man, not a legal person/corporate fiction. Only persons require license, regulation, registry or insurance etc. As a man, I am free by God’s decree of equality and dominion to travel and live as a lawful man under God without interference from fictitious persons or false gods.

It is not my intent to cause anyone harm. However, it is my obligation as a lawful man to inform you of the law and it is also my obligation to make you aware of the fraud being perpetrated against me and all lawful men and women of this land.

fraud (n.)
“criminal deception,” early 14c., from Old French fraude “deception, fraud” (13c.), from Latin fraudem (nominative fraus) “deceit, injury.” The noun meaning “impostor, humbug” is attested from 1850. Pious fraud “deception practiced for the sake of what is deemed a good purpose” is from 1560s. (added – sustainable development/Agenda 21(see municipal planner), Acts(legal),bylaws( legal), statutes(legal), regulations(legal), seat belt laws(legal) smoking laws(legal) raw milk laws(legal)..I think you get the point. All are under the legal system yes…but by their very nature are unlawful.

statue (n.)
late 14c., from Old French statue, estatue “(pagan) statue, graven image” (12c.), from Latin statua “image, statue, monumental figure, representation in metal,” properly “that which is set up,” backformation from statuere “to cause to stand, set up,” from status “a standing, position” (see status).

status (n.)
1670s, “height” of a situation or condition, later “legal standing of a person” (1791)

For those who do not understand – Legal is corporate policy given the colour of law..similar to, like, but not law. (see fraud)

A person is a corporate legal fiction.

person (n.)
early 13c., from Old French persone “human being, anyone, person” (12c., Modern French
personne) and directly from Latin persona “human being, person, personage; a part in a drama,
assumed character,” originally “mask, false face,”
Of corporate entities from mid-15c. The use of -person to replace -man

God created man and gave him dominion over the earth. God has no respect for persons.

(The queen took an oath on the KJV of the bible to uphold God’s law. Law not legal. Legal does not exist in the KJV. Nor does the word human.

On the other hand the queen is the personification of the crown and at the apex of the political and legal systems. (lieutenant gov’s site) Corporate. Every policy that originates in the legislative assembly is given the colour of law…like, similar to, but not law. Legal only applies to those who work for the corporation and accept as part of employment policy.

Legal and Law – (see – duality-see dual- see two)
two-faced (adj.)
also two faced, “deceitful,” 1610s; see two + face (n.).

The court is a corporation, The municipality is a corporation, the OPP is a corporation, Westario Power is a corporation, Province of Ont. is a corporation as is Canada.
The OPP are policy enforcers for the Crown which is a corporation sole, legal fictitious persons, without life, dead.

police (n.)
c.1530, at first essentially the same word as policy (n.1); from Middle French police (late 15c.),
from Latin politia “civil administration,” from Greek polis “city” (see polis).
The first force so-named in England was the Marine Police, set up 1798 to protect merchandise at
the Port of London. (Corporate)

authority (n.)
early 13c., autorite “book or quotation that settles an argument,” from Old French auctorité
“authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures”
The queen took an oath uphold the law of KJV (scriptures) That is the law!

I am a man
God has no respect for persons.
I respect God and so should you!
Please govern yourselves accordingly in law.
Ronald John of the House and Family of Stephens (the lawful man created by God)