Sustainable Development is TREASON

United Nations Decade of Education for Sustain...

United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is Agenda 21 and Agenda 21 is Treason. Every municipal government is pushing sustainable development which is Agenda 21 which is Treason. Our tax dollars are financing our and our countries demise. Kind of makes us guilty of aiding and abetting. Not too smart folks!!



7 thoughts on “Sustainable Development is TREASON

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  2. communitarianism .. the third way .. the solution of all solutions .. its gonna be shiney .. all for the common good .. you greedy selfish individuals .. [moms against agenda 21 – facebook]

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  6. Fact is its tough to find anyone who hasn’t drunk the globalists’ koolaid .. starting to wonder if they offer you that or hemlock when you sign up for the job of being in charge these days.

  7. It’s pretty simple to understand actually. Set up a Union (European Union) under one currency and one group of people who legislate for all the members (loss of sovereignty). Then steal all the money from the people who belong to that Union and then punish the victims (the people) by having THEM pay back the theft!
    Elections are called in the countries and the “people” throw out the leaders who allowed this theft to take place. They vote in “fringe” groups like Socialists and Ne Nazis who have been patiently waiting in the wings to take advantage of a “crisis” like bankruptcy of a nation. People “think” these groups will now be the answer to their problems. Unfortunately here is where things are “surreal”. These fringe groups feeding the hateful state of the people actually still answer to the leaders of the European Union. Very quickly the “people” will realize that there is no alternative to a damn good beating from these “leaders” and things get ugly!
    Police will beat, shoot and declare martial law to bring “order” back to Europe.]

    There ya have it. The Final Solution!

    Guess what?…’s also coming to you here in Canada. It’s called the North American Union………….the blueprint has been printed and Obama and Harper are right on track!

    The last Union to complete this trifecta is the “Asian Union” and it’s already functioning like China and India along with the other countries in the Far East who’s “people” are already “Slaves”!

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