David Suzuki Worries About Santa Clause


This is rich – David Suzuki worried about Santa Clause.

David Suzuki worried about Santa Clause
Suzuki comes clean on green

Suzuki doesn’t care about Santa or Christmas. Suzuki is  an atheist, who worships the earth, hates the human race and would be happy if the “naked ape” just disappeared from the face of the planet, although he seems in no hurry to leave.

David Suzuki is a sick man who suffers from a deep psychosis.

Maybe this Christmas bloggers should set up a “David Suzuki needs help fund.”  With luck, we could raise enough cash to afford Suzuki a padded room and 24 hr. care.

Suzuki abuses children by trying to convince them that his fantasies are reality based. They’re not!

David Suzuki is a danger to children and a fraud.

Some people wish for peace on earth at Christmas.

My wish is that Suzuki be barred from having any contact with children.

My second wish,  Suzuki agree to debate me in a public forum.

Merry Christmas!

Child abuse is the blanket term to describe four types of child mistreatment: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. In many cases children are the victims of more than one type of abuse. The abusers can be parents or other family members, caretakers such as teachers and babysitters, acquaintances (including other children), and (in rare instances) strangers.


Child Abusers
Two of the better known child abusers

For over three years this blog has done it’s best to expose the fraud of MMGW. One of the main tools used to spread this fraud has been children.

Through lies and deception,  men like David Suzuki and Al Gore have been abusing your child for years.

Most authority figures your child comes in contact with, especially teachers and church leaders, are guilty of abusing your child through lies and deception.

Lets not forget the media and politicians who are equally guilty of these abuses.

In fact, any person  or organization that is involved in the promotion of MMGW is guilty of child abuse.

Read “Cloak of Green” and the “Green Agenda” found on the top bar of this blog to get a better understanding of the abuse and abusers.

Make no mistake – your children are being abused in a most heinous manner by the very authorities you entrust them to.


Suzuki had a different answer. By the time someone has reached university age, he said, they’ve been so corrupted, they’ve got so much invested in the system, that there’s really not much hope they can change. That’s why, he said, I’m focusing most of my efforts now on children. For them I think there’s hope.

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The worst kind of ugly climate propaganda: David Suzuki targets kids at Christmas in the name of climate change

Here’s the popup message solicitation you get when you visit the website for the first time:

Climate change is melting the North Pole and it’s no longer safe for Santa and his Workshop. So our dear old friend is packing up the sleigh to find somewhere else to live.

You can help! Move your mouse over this website to find gifts you can buy Santa to help him set up a temporary Workshop and protect the North Pole for his return.

Of course, you’re savvy enough to know we won’t be sending actual gifts to Santa. You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your purchase and proceeds will be used by the David Suzuki Foundation to support our critical work to protect nature and the environment from threats like climate change.

Buying these green gifts and personalized ecards on behalf of hard-to-buy-for friends or relatives on your holiday list is a great way to show you’re thinking of them — and the planet!

Act now to help Santa!

Sincere thanks,
The David Suzuki Foundation

For more on MMGW/Climate Change visit Watts Up With That


5 thoughts on “David Suzuki Worries About Santa Clause

  1. So now we have poor wee David asking for donations to build up his “war chest” so he can combat that “small and nasty” group of Deniers who are making his world a living Hell!
    Guess what wee little man; you’ve made children’s lives a miserable living Hell for so many years now with your fake outrageous and bogus claims about the end of the world that you should live in their world for the remaining days of your pathetic life!
    CBC has been your “Front Man” and you’ve actually started to believe the “hype” that the CBC brass has told you!…………..the CBC is as guilty as you and should also go down the same road as the dinosaurs that you will probably blame humans for as they died off due to some catastrophic event, no doubt Climate oriented!
    You must know David that your years are coming to an end very quickly,……….you should be apologizing to humanity for being a dick!

  2. Right wing media diverting attention from climate change

    For the last week, the David Suzuki Foundation has been under vicious attack from right wing media including the National Post, Fox News, and prominent climate change deniers. This small but aggressive group is denouncing our “Where Will Santa Live” holiday fundraising campaign as fear mongering.

    They want to distract Canadians from the truth: climate change threatens our future and Canada is doing nothing to contribute to solutions.

    We are reaching out to our friends. We need your help. Please make an online donation to support our work on climate change. Every donation to the David Suzuki Foundation helps strengthen our ability to speak out for the millions of Canadians who want action.

    The government of Canada has made it clear that it has no intention of respecting the Kyoto Protocol, the only legally binding international agreement with firm targets to reduce global warming pollution. To make matters worse, Canadian officials have been accused of bullying other countries into abandoning Kyoto as well. This is a national embarrassment. Even China, the world’s largest producer of emissions, has indicated that it will commit to cutting greenhouse gases in the coming years.

    With your help, the David Suzuki Foundation can be a prominent voice of reason, taking those who exploit the environment to task. No matter what the climate deniers say or how nasty their attacks, we will continue our work. But we need your support. Please give today so that we can continue to hold political leaders accountable to Canada’s climate change responsibilities.

    Climate change is real. The Arctic ice that cools the world is melting. And right wing media outlets and pundits want everyone to forget this.

    We need friends like you now more than ever. Please give today and help us fight for climate solutions.

    Sincere thanks,
    Peter Robinson
    The David Suzuki Foundation

  3. David Bullzuki and the Apocalyptic Wizards (December 3, 2011)

    Once upon a time, in the land of Adanac, between the great seas of Anticus and Paticus, there lived a medium-sized Wizard, called David Bullzuki. The Wizard Bullzuki was renowned for his magical manipulation of fruit flies, and it was not long before the fruit fly population was entirely in his control. When he said “jump,” they would jump, and when he said “sit,” they would sit, and when he said “run,” they would run, and this made the Wizard mightily pleased with himself, indeed.

    But it is the lot of Wizards that they are seldom content for long, and soon Wizard Bullzuki became uncharacteristically anxious and depressed, as he had run out of new tricks that the fruit flies could realistically perform. Indeed, one day, when he asked the Magic Mirror on the wall his weekly question: “Who is the most powerful Wizard of them all?” the Mirror replied: “Fruit flies and the CBC won’t do it; there are new worlds for you to conquer.”

    Resisting his immediate impulse to smash the Magic Mirror to smithereens, Bullzuki set about to improve his status. He had learned of certain Apocalyptic Wizards who were gaining fame and influence by collecting Deceptive Mushrooms, feeding them into Giant Scammers, then reading the results: the world was heating at an alarming rate, the oceans would soon boil, and fruit flies, hippopotami, spiders, Wizards, and all the people on earth would perish. But, as Wizards often do, they divined a solution to the difficulties they foresaw.

    It was only necessary, they claimed, for people to rid themselves of half of their possessions, give up their pleasant but expensive houses, and return to the dark, chilly, and uncomfortable caves from which their ancestors had emerged many years before.

    The Wizard Bullzuki, though he knew little of Deceptive Mushrooms, and even less of the operation of Giant Scammers, could recognize an opportunity when it knocked. The solution proposed by the Wizards was not an easy one to sell, but Bullzuki was eminently qualified to promote it. Not only was he a medium-sized Wizard, with expertise in fruit fly manipulation, he had, for several years been a chief crank turning an important wheel at the largest Propaganda Apparatus in the land: the Cornucopian Bullshit Collective, the CBC.

    At first, matters went very well indeed. Bullzuki’s was a familiar face on television; his head would pop through living room walls, urging people to repent, and return to the caves. He gathered many followers, who were extremely concerned about the boiling of the oceans, and they contributed generously to the Bullzuki Foundation, in the pious belief that doing so would alter the inexorable rising of temperatures.

    But then, alas, things started to go wrong. A few Wizards, here and there, began to question the real nature of the Deceptive Mushrooms used by the Apocalyptic Wizards. When they examined the Deceptive Mushrooms more closely, they found them to be–well–deceptive. And that, of course led to a closer examination of the Giant Scammers, and that, in turn, led to the discovery that the Apocalyptic Wizards had been less than honest in operating them. And when, of course–it came to reading the results–well, it became quite clear that the Apocalyptic Wizards were hardly worthy of the name Wizard, at all; they were merely charlatans wearing long flowing robes adorned with stars, crescent moons, and other magical symbols.

    A final blow to Apocalyptic Wizardry came when some real Wizards determined that the boiling of the oceans–an unlikely event in the first place–would be caused by the variation of the magical waves of the sun, and had nothing to do with the possessions that people had, and whether they lived in the chilly darkness of caves or the more pleasant and comfortable abodes to which they had long grown accustomed.

    One might have thought that Bullzuki, becoming aware of these developments, would close his Foundation and move to a cave. But one would have been mistaken. Bullzuki was a Wizard of some skill; perhaps his experience in the manipulation of fruit flies, had given him a considerable insight into human nature. He knew that people’s fear of ocean boiling is mixed with a strange guilt, and a peculiar fascination. They are also flattered to think they have the power to avoid Armageddon. Most importantly, he knew that once people are committed to an opinion, once they are fervent in a belief, they can overlook and deny any inconvenient truths for a very long time. He may even have been aware of an old saying: “Rien n’est plus sacré qu’un abus ancien.”

    He also realized that what people learn as children, they are inclined to believe as adults. Aware that he might lose the opinion of many adults because of the facts, the Wizard Bullzuki began to focus his efforts on the young. Returning to his old skills, he turned the propaganda crank at high schools with film presentations and urged the children to return home and convince their parents that the Bullzuki Foundation was built, like the Church, upon rock, not upon apocalyptic sand. And, for the very young, he warned them that Santa Claus, along with all his toys and workshop at the North Pole, was threatened by boiling oceans. Santa could be saved, he suggested, through contributions to the Wizard Bullzuki Foundation.

    And that is why, my children, the Wizard Bullzuki lived happily ever after.

    Dr. Idel Dreimer

  4. To allow this man to have any type of “access” to children, even if it’s at “arm’s length” via the internet is just as dangerous of having him in the kid’s living room preaching his fear mongering “Green Shirt” propaganda.

    The only good thing about having a public figure like this voice his twisted view of the world in the public forum is that ANYONE who aligns themselves with him or associates themselves with his eco-religious views must, as well, be painted by the same “crazy as a shit house rat” description.

    CBC is up to it’s neck with this eco promotion/hate spewing crap and the tragedy is WE PAY FOR IT!

    God save us from the eco-fascists!………………….OR help yourself out………………..do some research and then BAN your children from having any contact with these people, everywhere!

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